Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tales on Tuesday - My Favorite Martian

I have put Mr. Linky below if you wrote a story for this week. I still have not had a chance to read last week's stories and I have not written one this week. I have not even checked most of my emails in forever. My apologizes all around.

No matter how I wish it otherwise, there are only so many hours a day for me in this place and time. If I were orbiting the earth, I might gain a few one thousandths of a second but I doubt that extra time would help me much.

Friday I begin a vacation of nine days. I have not taken an actual week's vacation in about ten years. I will be staying home, except for short trips and visits, indulging myself with no place in particular to be. 

Please bear with me. I miss you all.

The theme for Tuesday, May 4, 2010 will be "Leave It To Beaver."

Do you have a TV show theme to suggest for future Tuesdays? Leave your suggestions in the comments.

Here's Mr. Linky. 
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  1. Awww poor thing. Belt back a woo woo or two ...you'll feel better. See ya when ya find time :) Miss you too :) Well that's debatable. OMG Leave It To Beaver...Uh oh

  2. I fear not, Dahling. No stories until this beastly Script Frenzy is over!
    Tempest has not taken a vacation in approximately ten years either. Terrible, isn't it?

  3. yay for vacation! hope you have a blast doing nothing. smiles.

  4. 10 years??? Please enjoy your vacation Nessa!

  5. Have a great mind and spirit recharging vacation.

  6. I have been running behind all week and am simply exhausted from trying to do too much. I need sleep, but should be able to get some soon. Don't over-extend yourself. We do appreciate your checking in, though.

    Even though I didn't participate this week, can I suggest, "Truth or Consequences" as a theme?

  7. Nessa, it goes both ways. I am terribly out of the blogging loop and it hit me, "I haven't checked in with Nessa in AGES!" It is sort of a relief to realize you are experiencing the same thing and hopefully you weren't thinking I was a big zero.

    I hope you enjoy your vacation time. It sounds so nice!

  8. Oh, so nice to see you around, missed you.;) xo

  9. Hope you enjoy your time off!

  10. Stop by to grab you award....have blessed day!

  11. My friend Mara is doing census. She asked a guy what race he was and he said "Martian," so she wrote that down. Have a great vacation! http://looseleafnotes.com