Sunday, April 11, 2010

Poetry Playing: Poem-a-Day # 11

April is Poetry Month. Write a poem-a-day.
The prompt for today is: Write about things you see or a visual poem.
Here’s my poem:
 In the Moment 
blue skies shine on the other side of that rain
grass greened in the warmth of a sun burst
dogwood blossoms blushing a charming pink
lavender growing plump and well, lavender
lilac getting heavy with clustered flowers
but right now I must enjoy the rain  03
0 - green butterfly[2]
April is poetry month.
Write a poem-a-day in April.
Visit Poetry Playing. Find out who won the Limerick Contest.
Tomorrow's prompt is up and you can catch up with the previous prompts.
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  1. Wow. This poem was so beautiful! I would love to use it on a post of mine one day. I would have to find a picture as perfect as this to accompany it. wonderful work : )


    I nominated you
    please read the post via the link,
    help nominate some bloggers you believe that they are excellent on

    art or painting,
    or creative writing...
    Good Luck!
    I appreciate your input.

    Everyone will receive some awards tomorrow...
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