Thursday, April 08, 2010

Poetry Playing: Poem-a-Day # 8 and # 2

April is Poetry Month. Write a poem-a-day.
The prompt for today is: One flower does not bring spring.
Here’s my poem:

The first flower peeking its petals into the chilly air heralds the royal precession to follow. Like a scout in enemy territory, it bravely reconnoiters the terrain, negotiating any danger it may encounter, even giving its life up to frosty sentinels.
0 - green butterfly
The prompt for April 2, 2010: feeling free
Here’s my poem:
feel free to fall flat on your face
come in last
get it wrong
stumble across the dance floor
step on toes
miss a beat
put dirty fingerprints on the glass
spill the milk
burn the water
scribble in the fine white margins
spell it bad
two, two, five
color outside of the established lines
sky is pink
grass is plaid
don’t be afraid to make a mistake
0 - green butterfly
April is poetry month.
Write a poem-a-day in April.
Tomorrow's prompt is up and you can catch up with the previous prompts.
0 - v[2][2]


  1. I make mistakes oh yes I do
    Plenty of them and not a few

    But the journey continues all day long
    Error after error starts sounding like a song

    But I do learn and that's no lie
    It's like shooting for the stars
    way up in the sky

  2. Frosty sentinels in April? I hope not!

  3. i really like the second one today. failure is progress...

  4. Nessa, you are so talented! The first one is my favorite. We had frosty sentinels last night!

  5. Great reads both of them, how well you weld the words.

  6. your prose poems are true gems, and perhaps i should stop fretting about making mistakes

  7. I like the idea of a mistake journey. Sounds like my every day. Yes, to plaid grass.

  8. I liked the imagery of the first poem. The second poem is "blow me away" wonderful!

  9. I love the different feelings emerging from your poems. I can't help but saying beautiful again!

  10. Very NICE!!! Can I quote you?
    I need to look at it that way. I make mistakes, we all do, right? I have just been feeling like I majored in them lately. Thank you for the insentive!