Saturday, April 10, 2010

Poetry Playing: Poem-a-Day # 10

April is Poetry Month. Write a poem-a-day.
The prompt for today is: Spring shows what God can do with a drab and dirty world. ~ Virgil A. Kraft
Here’s my poem:
with bursts of flowering trees
ushering me to and from work
I am reminded that God gives
us his best to lighten our burdens
brighten our minds and put
smiles on our faces
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You still have several hours to VOTE ON THE SIX LIMERICKS.
For those of you who are nice, “Please go vote and help make the first poetry contest a real match.”
For those of you who need some gentle persuasion, bear in mind I have a black silk whip. Now with that thought in mind, please go vote.
For the rest of you, GO VOTE, NOW!!!
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April is poetry month.
Write a poem-a-day in April.
Tomorrow's prompt is up and you can catch up with the previous prompts.
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  1. denisetogetherwesaveTue Apr 13, 06:32:00 AM EDT

    Wow - very pretty!

  2. Your verse is as pretty as the trees!

  3. He does give us his best to brighten our day, doesn't he. Beautiful.

  4. your words and that promise bring peace...

  5. Beautiful poem Nessa, and you've described how I feel when I see blooming tree!

  6. Indeed He does!!! Love it! (I'm sO excited I can comment!)