Saturday, April 10, 2010

Internet in Your Neck of the Woods

I get really agitated when my internet connection is down. I go on the internet to post on my blog, to visit my bloggie friends, do research and even to write in bits and pieces from the various places I spend my day. I also use it to communicate with my family. It has brought me even closer with my daughter and nieces and I have even been contacted by old friends whom I haven’t seen or spoken to in many, many years.

I can’t even imagine what it would be like without internet service  even though just ten years ago I had no clue. In other words, reliable internet service is a must. I’d die of old age before my time and of stress related diseases if I had to use dial-up. I do not have Wild Blue Satellite Internet service myself. They say on their web site that 9 out of 10 subscribers would recommend WildBlue to a friend or neighbor. There are many reviews on the internet so be sure to use whatever service you currently have to shop wisely.

If you currently have slow dial up service or you live somewhere that has no service wild blue satellite internet could be an option for you. They say they reach virtually everywhere in the continental US. Their installation fee is currently being waved, meaning free, and their packages start at $39.95.


  1. oh you might just have saved my life....definitely looking into...

  2. I agree with completely.;)) I can not live without the net. I type this on my laptop while sitting outside enjoying the sun on my patio. The computer is running on battery and wireless connection, so it is virtually wire free. It amazes em each time. I am not familiar with WildBlue, but in Denmark internet is now run by fiberoptics and no one is using modems anymore.
    Have great weekend,

  3. i love my broadband. not sure how i survived w/o it.

  4. We live deep in the country and it was so difficult to get any service. I missed the computer more than TV, but we are finally connected.

  5. How did we ever get along without -- first of all computers and secondly internet service???? They would have already committed me to the loony bin by now. Fortunately, my son works for Clearwire and we have excellent service. Hope you have a great weekend, Nessa!


  6. I use Roadrunner cable from Oceanic for $44 per month. Expensive but efficient!

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