Wednesday, April 01, 2009

A Rose By Any Other Name...


  1. What does the baby think of that?
    Hmm. That might be an interesting story to find a time portal and go find him/her in the year 2029. We'd need to look up Orwell for some writing advice.

  2. April Fools!


    Pleeeease tell me I'm right, or that kids gonna hate you all!

  3. Hmmmm nice. I would do

    Hung Harley Heathcliff and Biker Babe Bambi

    April Fools :)

    Rock On!!!

  4. It didn't load and I could not see anything. Will be back another time ...... Oh it just came up.

    This poor kid will suffer. Change their mind!! Mind you the child will change his/her name in due time anyway, like I did when I was sixteen and my real name was always made fun of.


  5. I think it should be better to start a child off by insulting it. I'm on your daughter's side in this.

  6. APRIL FOOLS!!! (i hope...) LOL!
    Is that really considered a poem? I might have to go TRY this poem a day thing! It COULD get UGLY though!

    I like my word verification here... pudalli. That sounds poetic to me! Pudalli!

  7. ha! what tribe do they belong to?

    name is a relative thing, even on april fools ;)

  8. I like Hugger - that's my bike. What about Bad Boy? Or Pan Head? Maybe Springer? :) cool!

  9. Tsduff: Lucky you to have a Harley. My son-in-law is rebuilding his. Jerry Springer?