Sunday, April 05, 2009

A Poem a Day #5 - McCrossen's Dockside

Poem a Day - For today's prompt, I want you to write a poem about a landmark. It can be a famous landmark (like Mount Rushmore or the Sphinx) or a little more subdued (like the town water tower or an interesting sign).

McCrossen's Dockside

Watering Hole

Halyards clanging against masts
pointing into clear blue sky
from bright white boats
lined up in dry dock
sailors at water's edge
sipping vodka on the rocks


Sportsters tucked between hulls
silence rumbling the air
after announcing themselves
with deep throated cries
bikers lounging at plastic tables
imbibing neon margaritas


Expensive automobiles
segregated in small packs
polished couture coterie
draped in gold chrome
financiers taking over bar stools
knocking back beers


Bright flowered shirts
knee-length baggy shorts
Sneakers and flip-flops
kicking up dust
geriatrics gone wild
hammering double shots


For more about Poem a Day, go to Poetic Asides.


  1. Love the "geriatrics gone wild" surprise.
    Are there DVD's of the Geriatrics?

  2. Weirsdo: When I'm done with the blackmail, I'll let you know.

  3. I like the imagery of the sailors drinking vodka on the rocks!

    Also the words that thread through from start to finish, as landmarks in your poetry.

  4. Jay: McCrosson's is just that kind of place.

  5. Noe Noe: I'm glad I inspired you to live right.

  6. I can just sO picture this little town! As a matter of fact, I think I have it's twin in Solomon's Island! LOL! Another GREAT poem Nessa! You are VERY good!

  7. You sure this wasn't supposed to be posted over at Doug's place? I love the definitions!

  8. That poetry stuff is fascinating. I'll have to learn something about that stuff.

  9. This poem painted clear, visual images that took me from place to place.
    The last one really made me smile.
    Excellent poem!!!


  10. Great poem. I am glad my search for bar stools on the Internet brought me to your site.

  11. Melli: You would have a great time there.

    Quilly: Why? Because of all the alcohol?

    Tom: I think you'd kick butt at it.

    Jamie: Drink old folks are fun to watch.

    Bar Stool Boy: You weren't the one who fell off of the motorized one, are you?

  12. what a great set of images skillfully woven together!

  13. Juliana: Thank-you.

    Carletta: Thank-you, too.

  14. Well I love marinas and being a water dragon, I'd be sitting at the watering hole all day given the chance.:)

    Thanks This was a great poem. :)