Wednesday, April 01, 2009

A Poem a Day #1

Today's prompt: "I want you to write an origin poem. It can be the origin of a word, person, plant, idea, etc."

I Pity the Fool

The year of our Lord, Fifteen Eighty-Two,
Long, long ago, long before me and you,
Gregory, His Holiness, reigned as the pope
His calendar inventor, Aloysius Lilius, was no dope.

They replaced the Emperor’s calendar for clarity:
A moment, a blip, of a common sense rarity.

Those who were faithful to Julius Cesar
Did not make their lives any more the easier.
While they thought their loyalty very cool,
Each was the first to be called, “April Fool.”

Go to Poetic Asides to see the daily prompts.


  1. Excellent. Happy April Fools Day :)

  2. YAY! That was wOnderful! I should have checked this thing out more closely before I got involved ... I didn't know it was for a contest for an Ebook and SERIOUS poets were playing too! LOL! It's okay though... I still want to see if I can write a poem a day --- AND make it fit his prompt! OY! (that makes it a LOT harder!)

    HAPPY April FOOLS Day!

  3. Poetry is too hard for me
    I leave it to such as thee
    All you do is really great
    About that there's no debate.
    With you good poetry began
    You will write it while you can.

    An Origin poem just for you.

  4. Thanks for the birthday wishes.
    Happy April Fool Day.

  5. Rabbit rabbit.
    I guess I'm the April fool. I know nothing of poetry so I can't comment. I'll be reading, though.

  6. I'm going to check this out - won't have time to do it and enter but I'm checking it out!
    Yours is marvelous.

  7. Excellent! I think that it's wonderful that you're doing this. It would cause me to have a nervous breakdown. LOL

  8. Doug: Laconic!

    Thom: Mahalo nui loa.

    Jientje: Dank u.

    Melli: It sounds like fun even without the prizes. I just like the idea of the prompts.

    Dr. John: You are the rhyming king. Toda raba.

    Betty: I celebrate Fool’s Day every day; D

    Tom: I think poetry comes in many forms, even in images. Ua koj tsaug.

    Carletta: Wa'-do.

    Femin Susan: Thanks.

    Cherie: Thank ya. I’m halfway there, so I figure, why not push it.