Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Quivelers, Poets and General All Around Goofballs

From Writer's Digest:

April Poem-A-Day Challenge

April is National Poetry Month, and Poetic Asides blogger Robert Lee Brewer is calling all poets (and even non poets) to take part in his annual Poem-A-Day Challenge! Last year, more than 400 poets posted more than 4,000 poems during the month of April and turnout this year is expected to be even greater.

Participants who complete the poem-a-day challenge will receive a certificate, an online badge (for display on your blog or website) and will be considered for publication in a free eBook designed by Writer's Digest's own wonderful designers.

Participation is free. All you have to do is show up to the Poetic Asides blog on April 1, write a poem a day, and have a great time. For more details, visit:
Poetic Asides.

And a Rabbit, Rabbit to one and all.


  1. I would like to join in
    And don't mean to be crass,
    I wish you the best
    But my dogs and I pass.

  2. a year or two ago i actually wrote at least a poem a day without joining any challenge. if haiku can be considered poetry, that is :)

    not now, though. my inspiration has gone to the dogs (rabbits?)

  3. Oh wait! The post below is NOT your poem... I didn't SEE the comments inbetween... I thought it was all one post... okay... so WHERE's YOUR poem? I guess the day is not over yet! Hm?

  4. Doug: Too late, you are already my playmate.

    Actonbell: Um, have you read mine?

    Juliana: Haiku is definitely poetry. I love Haiku.

    Melli: I do things backwards sometimes. I wanted to let people know in case I didn't post a poem until late. It's up there now.

  5. Rabbit, rabbit

    I am here to write
    But can't get it right
    Poems and I don't agree
    To the nth degree

  6. Thom: Don't whine and cry
    at least you gave it a try.

  7. I was too busy yesterday to get here, but I am going to fly and try to get there ...!~

  8. Quilly: I am mostly playing for the prompts and the challenge of writing something other than rhymes.