Friday, April 10, 2009

A Poem A Day #10 - Man Friday

For today's prompt, I want you to write a poem about Friday. Do you like Fridays? Despise Fridays? Of course, you can also write about something that happened on a Friday--or write an ode to Fridays. Or, as you know, I'm all for seeing you attack this from an angle I haven't thought of yet.

Man Friday

I wish I had a Man Friday,
a servant to do what I say:

pay all the monthly bills,
pick up my prescription pills,

throw out the rotten fishes,
clean up the dirty dishes,

feather the two inch dust,
grocery shopping a definite must,

the floor would meet the mop,
dinner would be more than slop,

wash the piles of dirty laundry
and never charge me a single fee.

What I need in my life
is an old-fashioned wife.

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  1. That was clever. I've heard of guys like that.

  2. Then you wouldn't want me around - I have to hire a cleaning lady. Then I sometimes get things picked up.
    Loved your poem. Thanks so much for turning me on to this challenge. I am having fun with it. j

  3. I have a friend who says every woman needs a wife, and she is married to a man. GREAT poem :0

  4. But a Man Friday would be SO much more fun! LOL! Great poem!

  5. Can a woman be a MAN Friday? Isn't that a demotion?

  6. nice post!

    well yeah, women are reliable!

    nice day!

  7. i need a man friday too... not sure about the wife, though ;)
    love this

  8. Good one!
    Yep, a Man Friday would be a useful feller to have around.
    Feather the two inch dust... nice line, Nessa.


    Happy Easter to you and your family!!!!

  9. Noe Noe: If only…

    Doug: I personally don’t know any.

    Jay: I could use a cleaning lady.

    TTWC: I have it better than most. My husband cooks dinner and I still need a wife.

    Cherie: Thanks.

    Melli: Cuter.

    Weirsdo: Can you rent them?

    Quilly: I think you may be right.

    Iriz: Unless you get a princess.

    Juliana: I’d like a driver, too.

    Jamie: I have lots of dust.

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