Saturday, April 11, 2009

A Poem A Day #11 - Blind

For today's prompt, I want you to write a poem about an object (or objects). Though you don't have to confine yourself to straight up description, I do want you to focus on object and/or make it a central piece of your poem. One of the more famous poems of contemporary literature does this wonderfully in William Carlos Williams' "The Red Wheelbarrow."


perched out in the open

atop long spindle legs

cornflower turquoise against

a baby blue clear sky

hiding lazy hunters

Poem by Vanessa V. Kilmer © April 11, 2009

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  1. I loved this, Nessa!

  2. So very nice, I had trouble with this prompt. I hope tomorrow's is easier

  3. "hiding lazy hunters"

    Heh-heh-heh, clearly I'm not a hunter. LOL

  4. This old dog don't hunt
    Jus' put on my saddest eyes
    Then whine moan and grunt
    Maybe lazy, but surely wise

  5. This computer at work
    Shudders and jerks
    Must be dying, I say
    It crashes each day
    But the administrators all cry
    A new one ain't in the budget
    So you better just stuff it
    And get back to work
    Or you'll be out on the street
    Down, discouraged and beat
    In the middle of recession
    Fire ain't no blessin'

  6. Lazy hunters should be hungry hunters. They should come on out into the open -- they already have a gun, that's advantage enough.

  7. ha, this brings to mind a silly (and possibly politically incorrect) joke:

    how do indians call a vegetarian?
    lousy hunter

  8. I admire your feeling for poetry.
    Loved it.

    Happy Easter!

  9. Not being a hunter it took me a bit to understand.
    Very centered poem.

  10. I enjoyed this, but I actually don't know what a blind looks like.

  11. TTWC: Thanks.

    Jay: I’m having trouble with them all, right now.

    Cherie: Hiding in a blind does not seem like sport to me.

    Tom: I only hunt in the grocery store.

    Lily: Send them your poem. Maybe they’ll get the hint then.

    Noe Noe: We are some sort of bunch, aren’t we?

    Quilly: They should try it only with what they wwere born with.

    Juliana: Good one.

    Jientje: Thanks.

    Dr. John: A blind is not something you see much of.

    Weirsdo: I’ll point to a picture of it in the next post.

  12. Nessa... what in the WORLD made you think to write about a blind? And I don't think I've EVER seen a cornflower blue one! Ours are ususally in the woods though... and camo. It's a great poem -- but I NEVER in a b'zillion years would have thought of that object!

  13. Melli:

    Go here to see my hunting blind.

    It is unusual.