Sunday, April 12, 2009

A Poem A Day #12 - So We Decided

For today's prompt, I want you to take the phrase "So we decided to (blank)" and fill in the blank. Make that your title and write a poem. Some possibilities include "So we decided to plant a tree" or "So we decided to burn a hole in the sky."

So We Decided To Keep On Living

So we decided to keep on living,
me, myself and I.
Much too soon to stop from giving
up, rolling over to die.

So we decided to try once more,
to rise another day.
Looking at life different from before,
seeing it in a new way.

So we decided to keep on going,
one more chance,
for all my selves just knowing
to continue with the dance.

Poem by Vanessa V. Kilmer © April 12, 2009

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  1. Very nice. Sometimes that is a very hard thing to do. Kind of like writing for this prompt. but you did a great job. j

  2. Patty Lamb's accident stopped her from living

    But Grimmy, you know, the 'Reaper', gave her a reprieve

    Now she's walking with a dead brain talking

    Well, could be, if you really so want to believe

  3. So we decided to celebrate nothing
    of all the reasons it seemed so apt
    was it because we were in a good mood
    was that the deciding fact

    So we started by pouring a glass of beer
    before too long it turned to many
    but when we searched for a reason to stop
    we could not think of any

    So we all awoke the following morning
    with our heads feeling a little bit sore
    and decided that celebrating nothing
    is not a very good reason at all

  4. I am glad you decided to keep on living. The world needs folks like you to keep it from getting too serious about itself.

  5. Jay: I did not like this prompt at all.

    Tom: You’re doing great poems for someone who doesn’t.

    Kev: Very good poem with an extra good ring of truth.

    Quilly: Thank-you, I think; D

  6. Hello Nessa,
    Thank you visiting my blog today. You have made a wise decision.

  7. Ah, that's something that can be done over and over. Decide to start a new day - doesn't matter if you fail, you can always try again tomorrow!

  8. If engineering leads to fission,
    Shouldn't poetry lead to indecision?

  9. So we decided to write some verse,
    I guess it could've been worse.

  10. Molly: Everyday.

    Jay: The attempt is what matters.

    Doug: I can't decide. (See, you were right.)

    Bazza: Rhyming is not a curse.

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  12. well, i'm glad the three of you made the decision

  13. julina: We are glad most days, too.

  14. Welllll I am SO happy you (collectively) made that decision! All of you! Yes indeed, I am!

  15. I like the way the security of the last lines is in tension with more than a hint of bleakness here.

  16. I decide too...
    the only difference I can't express so well.
    Very well written.:)

  17. Melli: Thanks. We do knind of like it here most days.

    Hobbes: Tension makes the propeller spin.

    Indrani: I'm glad you decided too.

  18. You have been very busy writing. Unlike myself
    My brain is dead

  19. Tsduff: Well, my fingers are working, anyway.