Thursday, March 26, 2009

TWT #7 - Liberation

Photograph by Vanessa V. Kilmer © March 24, 2009

Quilly has a weekly game called Three Word Thursday. This is Week 7. Learn how to play and learn some new-old words.

These are the three words this week -

bacchante: a priestess or female votary of Bacchus; a drunken reveler.
queachy: yielding or trembling under the feet, as moist or boggy ground; shaking; moving.
jibber: to balk at doing something; defer action; procrastinate.


Tall, lithe, slightly effeminate and with a leopard skin riding low on his hips, Bacchus, tossed his golden curls over his right shoulder and sauntered out of his father's presence.

Jupiter liked his wine well enough, but now he complained about the celebrations.

Bacchus, as the god of liberation, helped his followers free themselves from the confines of their daily lives with wine. For a brief while, the humans could be as gods. Unfortunately, this year, a bacchante had stumbled her way over to Jupiter's temple, thinking she had found the public latrines.

Mercury, always in search of an advantage, tried blackmailing Bacchus for his Thyrsus.

Mercury had trouble getting girls, what with his flitting here and flitting there and never spending much time in one place. When Bacchus refused to give up his staff, Mercury flew to Jupiter's throne room to beg an audience with the king of the gods.

Jupiter had not noticed the desecration to his shrine. No one else wanted to be the bearer of bad news and make Jupiter grumpy.

Mercury gave Jupiter the message that Bacchus' follower had soiled Jupiter's sacred confines. Jupiter tossed thunderbolts in his anger, causing the floor of his royal residence to become queachy like a stormy sky. Mercury decided to flap his little wings and hot foot it out of there.

Bacchus did not jibber his the time away. He sent Jupiter a spicy little libation and a flagon of his best red. Father and son made up. People would continue the bacchanal every March 17.


  1. Those Greeks knew how to celebrate St. Patty's day! I know Queachy Quivers; that's Nervous Norvis' brother.

  2. Hehehehe -- my Bacchanal got a bit out of hand. Yours was short and sweet!

  3. That bacchante needed a chaperone!

  4. Well written as ever. THANK YOU for including the meanings of the words.

  5. Tom: Those Catholics never gave up a thing.

    Quilly: That's because I am a light weight when it comes to imbibing.

    Kat: Is that why girls go in groups?

    Doug: Thanks. I saw others doing that and it finally sunk in so those not playing could have a clue. Duh to me.

  6. You've done a great job again. Now I know how St. Patty's Day came into being :)

  7. Those Greek & Roman gods had more intrigue than the best soap opera! Fun story!

  8. Thom: Everything is different, yet always stays the same.

  9. Cherie: Yeah, they were the originals.

  10. I liked the story with the gods, and the followers spoiling it.

  11. Fun post. Mercury had trouble getting girls made me laugh. Who knew?!

  12. Give a few hundred years and your story could become a myth.

  13. ha, great! so this is how legends are made.

  14. Hey we remember thopse guys . They ran things when we were just young dragons.
    We have posted.

  15. Bettygram: Followers always misbehave.

    TTWC: Yes, the poor fellow was lonely.

    Dr. John: The truth must be obscured.

    Juliana: This was the kernel.

    Fandango: And you have outlasted all but their memories.

  16. Hmmm Greek mythology , I've always had a fascination for it! I loved your story, especially that last sentence!

  17. Pass the wine, please.


    Good use of the words.
    Well done!

  18. A well written story, Nessa, with good use of Quilly's words. Have a wonderful day.

  19. Jientje: These guys are actually the Roman counterparts but all things are Greek, eh?

    Jamie: Just restocked. Join us.

    Alice: Thanks and you also.