Wednesday, March 04, 2009

From My Sketchbook #2 - Duality

Original Art by Vanessa V. Kilmer © Junel 1994
magic markers on paper

I had to show the art instructor a portfolio to join her studio on Wednesday nights. I hadn't shown since college. I was nervous. This was one of the pieces I included. She's the founder of our county artists' guild and very well known in our area. I was pleasantly surprised by her comments.
I am working on the sketches for the saw for my father. I'll post them next week.


  1. Lovely lizard emulating a tree. Or, lovely tree emulating a lizard. Either way, I like the way you use color.

  2. Does this guy sell insurance, too?

  3. Looks very oriental. Nice work.

  4. Ya gotta excuse me cuz I'm a little slow artistically speaking... but is that very colorful thing at the top a chrysalis? Did the dragon come out of it? I really DO apologize if I'm not "getting" it... it IS lovely... or something like that!

  5. this is an intriguing image but it certainly works for me

  6. Quilly: I like emulating. Thanks.

    Tom: Oh, you and insurance. This guy sells lollipops.

    Thom: He writes in Chinese. Yes, he writes. He has opposable talons.

    Doug: Thank you.

    Melli: No need to apologize. It is a dotted lizard with stripie butterfly wings and he is sitting on a tree branch.

    Juliana: I like the colors.

  7. I'm so glad you explained it - I was having trouble. I thought a small dragon got caught in your purse.

  8. Tsduff: It got stuck in my carpet bag.