Wednesday, March 04, 2009

From My Sketchbook #2 - Duality

Original Art by Vanessa V. Kilmer © Junel 1994
magic markers on paper

I had to show the art instructor a portfolio to join her studio on Wednesday nights. I hadn't shown since college. I was nervous. This was one of the pieces I included. She's the founder of our county artists' guild and very well known in our area. I was pleasantly surprised by her comments.
I am working on the sketches for the saw for my father. I'll post them next week.


  1. Lovely lizard emulating a tree. Or, lovely tree emulating a lizard. Either way, I like the way you use color.

  2. Does this guy sell insurance, too?

  3. Looks very oriental. Nice work.

  4. Yeah, your drawings are terrific.

  5. Ya gotta excuse me cuz I'm a little slow artistically speaking... but is that very colorful thing at the top a chrysalis? Did the dragon come out of it? I really DO apologize if I'm not "getting" it... it IS lovely... or something like that!

  6. this is an intriguing image but it certainly works for me

  7. Quilly: I like emulating. Thanks.

    Tom: Oh, you and insurance. This guy sells lollipops.

    Thom: He writes in Chinese. Yes, he writes. He has opposable talons.

    Doug: Thank you.

    Melli: No need to apologize. It is a dotted lizard with stripie butterfly wings and he is sitting on a tree branch.

    Juliana: I like the colors.

  8. I'm so glad you explained it - I was having trouble. I thought a small dragon got caught in your purse.

  9. Tsduff: It got stuck in my carpet bag.