Sunday, March 08, 2009

Poetry #2 - Eleutherios

"Stone Hearted"
Photograph by Vanessa V. Kilmer © February 8, 2009


There once was a man named Bart,
struck by the wee archer's dart.
Feeling exquisite pain
from Cupid's good aim -
empassioned his cold, dead heart.


  1. And there was Nessa
    Feeling like the Contessa
    She needed some art
    And found dead Bart's heart

  2. Once there was Nessa sublime,
    Who had quite a way with a rhyme,
    She wrote about Bart,
    Reviving his heart,
    And using true love as the prime.

  3. For some odd reason, those funny little rhyming things remind me of math, making equations with sentences. But I guess I'm not quite in the groove because that pic reminds me of Mickey Mouse.

  4. A wall is meant to stony,
    Tpugh as a steel abalone
    So when you see dents
    It only makes sense
    To picture a Newarky like Tony.

  5. Thom: I do so love a rhyme at any time.

    Quilly: Any time you comment and I am more than content.

    Tom: They are very mathematical but I like numbers and what is more heartwarming than Mickey?

    Doug: Even a Soprano
    from a famous TV show
    sings of love's glow
    as the psychiatrist does know.

  6. There once was a fish made of stone
    In real life it choked on a bone.
    It would've shed tears
    If in millions of years
    It'd be found in a rock, all alone!

  7. Maggie: Very nice and archeological; D

  8. I'm all out of rhymes today
    Instead I should go out and play
    The sun is out
    So wipe off the pout
    Embrace the day

    What on earth is that rock picture? I've enlarged it, examined it, and can't really figure out if it is your stone/gravel path or a moon shot :) I love Rocks and Stones.

  9. composing rhymes feels like rocket science to me so hats off to you guys.
    speaking of which, the image does look a bit as if it was taken from space :)

  10. Her teterrimous words a crime
    As hitonious as was her rhyme
    With mellifluous words in line
    And that suited her just fine.

    A Quivel just for you.

  11. Tsduff: It is a sidewalk with bits broken out of it, although it does look sort of like something from outter space.

    Juliana: I love anything that rhymes. I am quite juvenile that way.

    Dr. John: Love the Quivel with Quilly's words.

  12. perfectly matched words to photo!