Thursday, March 05, 2009

TWT #4 - 2012

"Creation and Destruction"
Photograph by Vanessa V. Kilmer © July 26, 2008

Quilly has a weekly game called Three Word Thursday. This is Week 4. Learn how to play and learn some new-old words.


The zither remained untouched by mortal hands. A breeze vibrated its strings, teasing a memory of its former glory from the instrument. A paucity of humans caused the music to die. Apanthropinization struck every item that had once been in and of and from man.


  1. Oh how bleak! I hope you didn't see this in a crystal ball!

    (But your wrote it quite well.)

  2. Short sweet and to the point and excellent use of the words. :)

  3. That is one ugly tank.

  4. You used the words in such a succinct manner. The mark of a true word master.
    Scarey little story.

  5. I'm experiencing a paucity of patience with this interminable winter.

  6. Concise and well done. And sad.

  7. sometimes less is more and you have proved the point brilliantly.

  8. Quilly: Overload on Doomesday 2012 info.

    Thom: I only had short in me this week.

    Doug: Maybe we will come back as roaches in the next incarnation.

    Kat: Yeah, they all are.

    Dr. John: I’d say I was glad you were scared cause that means it works, but I’m not.

    Rhea: This weekend will be nice, though.

    Betty: Yeah. I’m sorry.

    Raven: I’ll be more chipper later.

    Juliana: I like to mix it up.

  9. I just shy away from pictures like this, and ginormous words like that. :)

  10. Hi Nessa. Short and very sweet this week. Well done!!!

  11. Tsduff: Yeah, they are both scary.

    Alice: My energy level was low.