Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Smartass Child

Photograph by Vanessa V. Kilmer © Sep. 16, 2007

Email from my loving child:

"excuse me Vanessa is grounded from blogging until her daughter being me Erika gets her German and ASL homework...we're suppose to be learning each of these and I haven't gotten a homework assignment in a long time...maybe if she blogs our homework she'd do it more often...so thats a better idea instead of giving me my German and ASL homework...BLOG IT!!

Love your daughter,
Honey Bunches of Oats"


  1. Excellent solution!
    I am all for making work into fun where ever possible.

  2. Yes. That is what Weirsdo does, much of the stories and the pictures on Stuffed Animal Tales are really home schooling assignments for her 14-year-old daughter.

  3. Don't forget to give an apple to show your good intentions!

  4. Speaking of apples, I would say that that little apple didn't fall far from the tree.

  5. Sehr gut, Erika. Die Ältern muß schwerig Arbeiten, vorher die Kinder schlaffen können.

  6. well, that's a clever solution!

  7. I just got off the phone with you mommy so you could finish giving me homework...

    I'm not 14

    I am EXACTLY like my mom

    And notice how you had to change every word except Erika...thats because I spell my name the right way

  8. Ha, ha... sounds like Erika has a good idea.
    BLOG it!

  9. Glennis: I am considering it.

    Actonbell: That is the only way she’ll learn.

    Tom: I will need to check it out.

    Thom: I’d prefer money.

    Quilly: Not far at all.

    Doug: Erika did translate this and wasn’t too far off.

    Juliana: She is clever.

    Erika: Still acting up in front of the guests huh? ; D

    Jamie Dawn: I may just make it a weekly feature.