Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Too True Tuesday

We hired a new office employee. She started on Monday. She’s quite cute. About five foot three, twenty-seven years old, short brown hair cute in a bob slanting towards her chin, lovely pouty mouth, big brown eyes and big boobs. She’s one of those rare brunette bimbos. Nice girl and smarter than she first appears.

Each day, she sits with a different employee every few hours, to become acclimated to our environment and learn how each job relates to all of the others. She’s done some computer work, such as entering time card hours in an excel spreadsheet to keep track of operations’ overtime. She’s called some customers to confirm delivery times. She’s seen mega forms and paperwork for our highly regulated business. All in all she’s seen a lot in two days and she keeps smiling. A good sign.

Late this afternoon, she sat with one of our customer service reps, waiting for calls to come in to see the start of a sales transaction, you know, basically waiting for five o’clock to arrive. They chatted, getting to know each other.

Old employee: “This is my MySpace.” (Yeah, we know it goes on. It’s our slow time of the year.)

They look for a while.

Old employee: “Do you have a site?”

New employee: “Yeah, the address is ______.” (I don’t know it. the person telling me this story had a hard time getting it out between hysterical laughter.)

They go to new employee’s MySpace.

New employee is Bi-sexual.

As my husband would say (if his lips weren’t still super-glued together from last night), “That doesn’t make her a bad person. Oh and ah, can you bring her home?”


  1. Why on EARTH would someone just tell their new colleagues something as personal as that?! Jeez.

    So, are you bringing her home to show your husband?

  2. lol!

    sometimes its best just to get the awquard things over and done with at the beggining - simply it isnt to late to walk away if she doesnt like the colleuges reaction...

    according to a best friend, im bi-curious...
    ive been working through that one for a while now :P

  3. What an incredible dumbshit for 1)admitting she had a MySpace page; and 2)giving out the address. I mean - COME ON. I'm thinkin' she won't last!

  4. she's either really dumb for giving her url to her brand new office employees. or really smart to coolly get the word out that she's bi and have the whole offie talking about her.
    now she doesn't need to make an ass of herself at the office christmas party to achieve long lasting notoriety, it's all done with an exchange of a web page address.

  5. Jay: I think she was hitting on the girl she was working with at the time. I would except I'd be accused of sexual harrassment. It's never wise to play where you work.

    ceccg: Nothing wrong with being curious ; )

    dorkette: I was amazed, too. They say colleges are denying entry now because of MySpace content.

    Pink: Funny, we were wondering who she'd bring to the Christmas party, too. I bet she ends up being famous or should that be notorious?

  6. Gosh poor girl. What's wrong with being bisexual?

    Now what I can't stand is preachy monosexuals who think theirs is the only way...

  7. Sherry: We hope she lasts. We've looked a longtime for someone. She's seems very bright and quick.

    Jenn: I think it was just her openness right away that is throwing everyone off.

  8. Um, I missed it ... so, did you bring her home for your husband or what? ;)

  9. He kept trying to convince me, but that wouldn't be ethical.