Monday, May 08, 2006

Show Me Sunday - Redneck City

My outhouse.

My backyard bar.

My still. Yes, this is a whiskey still. We found it buried in the backyard this weekend, when we rearranged the fenceline. There's got to be $80 of copper tubing in that trashcan.


  1. the only thing i would find if i dug up my back yard is the carcasses of rodents birds and fish i wish i had a whiskey still

  2. Ahhhh...

    i ust found out what an outhouse is.... hehe ^_^"


    why do have an outhouse?????

  3. Dear: We found a dead possum, too, that someone had shot.

    ceccg: We have an outhouse because the people we bought the house from liked to have parties, but they didn't want people in their house. The built a toilet out side. It has running water in both the toilet and sink. It's actually a very good idea.

  4. your backyard bar is lovely!!!!!! aren't you just dying to start throwing parties?

  5. That backyard, bar, and outhouse is awesome. WTF, you found a whiskey still? How many people can say that? That is classic.

    Thanks for dropping by my blog. I really appreciated your comment as well. You happend to catch me on a very emotional day.

  6. Your backyard bar is AMAZING!

    It's enough to make me want to drink.

  7. Pink: We are dying to give a party. We just have some cleaning up to do first.

    The Grunt: I know, who in a million years would have thunk it. Your welcome and thanks for stopping here.

    Jege: Yeah, especially when you consider the shoebox we came from. I'll do comparison photos soon.

    Jay: Thanks. I know the feeling.

  8. Can that whiskey still be converted to a meth lab? Could bring in a lot of money....

  9. Wow. Parties! Why dontcha invite us all - on webcam?

    Should be fun. Everyone can get virtually drunk and make out (though not necessarily with each other)


  10. In my little Joisey town here which was rehabbed and reFABBED when overtaken by the gay/les brigade... outhouses and stills are NOT allowed. Unless they are revamped and called Art.

  11. Jege: Do you have instructions? I'll share profits.

    Jenn: Webcam party! Great idea. But what's wrong with a mass makeout?

    Doggirl: We haven't been revamped yet. We are performance art, though, beer and peanuts style.