Thursday, May 04, 2006

Thirsty Thursday

It’s Thirsty Thursday. Normally, this means going out to a bar and getting drunk. And while I’ve now had four glasses of wine, today Thirsty Thursday will refer to the things for which I thirst and what I am doing to quench my thirst.

Jenn at As I Was Passing was talking about the Chicken Soup For The Soul series of books. I went out and got the one on how to achieve your dreams.

The first thing they talk about is stating what you want and to do it without limitations.

So, here we go, installment one (I want lots):

I want to earn a living that will allow me to support my entire family by working for myself as a writer, artist and craftsperson. I want to be able to set my own hours, my own schedule, my own terms. I want many novels on the NY Times Best Seller list. I want shows in Art Galleries. I want to make tons of money. I want to be bigger than J.K. Rowling. (I’m pouring another glass of wine, hold on…you can start breathing again, I didn’t spill any. Oh, and Smoking Loon, Merlot, 2004 California, is a frisky little tart.)

The second thing you do, is plan the small steps that get you where you want to be. So, here are some of the things I am doing now:

I will write a minimum of 250 words a day. I have also chosen some topics which I will loosely follow to gain writing momentum.

On Saturday, I will post a minimum of 1,000 words to Storytime. Storytime is my tool to show myself I can finish a long story and also to write without my sensor, that disgusting, annoying ass that keeps telling me what to do and not do all of the time. In the words of Serra “Fuck Off and Die.”

I am setting up my home office. A space just for me, where I can leave everything out, instead of cleaning up and taking out and boring myself with keeping things neat. I want to be able to walk in my house, go to my room and just pick up a project where I left off. Yeah, baby.

Ooo, Ooo, Ooo and I’m doing that thing where you cut out pictures and make an “I want” poster/collage. I’ll take a picture when it’s done.

So, that’s Want Number One. I will do more next Thursday. I must finish my wine and watch Manson’s Women.


  1. Thirsty Thursday? I think that should be a new national holiday! hehe

    Good luck on your list of wants! =)

  2. Haha, never mind. It's still fun. And I've achieved all of two things (maybe more but I can only remember two) on my list.


  3. Me, all I really really really want in this world is to win the lottery. Seriously. That would solve every (non-mother) related problem I have at the moment.

  4. i dont know whst i want yet.

    i want to be happy; im just not sure what i need to be...

  5. se7en: It is a national holiday in our hearts.

    Jenn: Two things are very good. Which two?

    Jay: I like the way you finish with " the moment."

    ceccg: Sometimes it takes us a while to decide what we want. I know it's taken me a while. But that's ok.