Sunday, May 21, 2006

Show Me Sunday - Sundries

For those of you waiting with bated breath, Storytime will be updated later today. My husband and I had other things to do yesterday *wink, wink*.

Here's some of my fantastic photography for you.

Notice the frosty bottle of Bombay. This is why I must start behaving myself or start going to confession again. I can't go to hell. The Devil doesn't keep his gin in the freezer.

This is my work buddy, Oscar. He says nice things to me when I'm ready to stick the knife in my solar plexis and draw upwards.

This was my first rose. I can't take credit for it. But it's still mine, all mine.

And this is the shiny prezzie I bought myself last week. I like the glittery butterflies.


  1. "The Devil doesn't keep his gin in the freezer." - he he! there's an incentive to do good deeds!

    and me likey the frame too!

  2. You know I really think we should get together over a Cape Mentelle and after a few slugs, go out Christmas shopping (because it's never too early to start).

    Ness, write another post when you're happy and high....

  3. Good pics. That first one is challenging my no alcohol policy--so thirsty!

  4. well of course you would like that frame! If you didn't, we'd wonder about you!

    I'm very curious as to what exactly Oscar whispers to you... and maybe where I could find an "Oscar" of my own. ;-)

  5. Ditto what DCMM said. Especially the thing about finding my own Oscar.....

  6. Jamie: Thanks, but no where near as good as yours.

    Pink: Yes, I keep reminding myself there are no ice cubes either.

    Jenn: That wine has good reviews. I'd love to share a glass or two, with you.

    The Grunt: I love the look of it too. Pretty bottle.

    DCM ma'am: Oscar says, "Just give me the word and I'll burn their ass." Makes me feel lots better.

    ceccg: I likey the shiny.

  7. Oscar is EXTREMELY sweet. I too need a dragon protector of my own. Where can I buy one?

  8. Jay: Dragons can not be bought. They follow you home when you leave a trail of Gummy Bears.