Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Da Vinci, Tarot and Past Lives

This is in response to Jenn's post. (Go read her posts. She writes beautifully.) My comments were getting too long and I had nothing else to write about, so now I have a post. Thanks, Jenn. Yippee.

I always thought as the perfect Human (and God, simultaneously) it would be ok for Jesus to be married and have children. My opinion is if you haven’t experienced sex, one of our more fundamental drives, how can you be fully human?

I did read The Da Vinci Code, but have not seen the movie yet. The book was an easy read and the entire plot and ending were predictable.

I had heard this idea many years ago, too. I read the Nag Hammadi texts maybe 20 years ago, along with books on the Essenes, Jesus studying Zoroastrianism, and studying in India and China during his “lost” years. Although fun and interesting, I don’t think any of it matters either.

A friend of mine wanted to learn to read Tarot cards. She didn’t want to go alone and since my great grandmother read cards, I said I’d go with her and learn, too. Well, my friend quit, I didn’t. So among my other talents, I read cards. I’ve discovered some very odd things about people while reading for them. The main benefit to me was that I began trusting my intuition again.

For a while, I got paid to read. Every Saturday, I’d go to this metaphysical bookstore and turn cards for customers; not a bad way to make extra cash for a single mom and I developed quite a following.

This one woman, let’s call her Betty (not her real name), was very addicted to all of the New Age stuff. She had her cards read a minimum of once a week, sometimes two and three (not by me, I wouldn’t read for any one more than once a month.) So, Betty had gone to a gypsy to have a reading for past life regression. Betty was beside herself with joy because it turns out that she was Marilyn Monroe reincarnated. I had the lovely duty of informing Betty, born in 1958, that she could not be Marilyn, as Marilyn died in 1962.

People who had pastlife regressions were always kings and queens. Popular ones were Cleopatra, Napoleon, Pharaohs, and the like. I had mine done. One of my lives went as follows: I was born to a peasant family in an area of the Black Forest in Germany around the 1200’s. There was famine, little work; we were homeless and traveling to find a better place. My parents had several other children. I wasn’t too bright so I was fed last. When food became almost non-existent, I was left by the side of the road and I starved to death at the age of eight. Glamorous, huh?


  1. You know Nessa, sometimes I think the similarities between us are scary. I read cards too. Never learnt to formally, but one day, my friend Mark (whom I adore and who is like my favourite person in the whole world) said, Jenn, you're intuitive, you should learn to read cards. So I did. Although I thought I couldn't. Then when I started (only for family and friends) I found that I would get really weird hidden private information about them. So I started warning them, hey, if there's something you don't want me to know, don't ask me to read your cards.

    Also, once I had an "energetic healing" done by a friend who is a healer, and she told me I was a little boy in Malaysia, born in around 1906, and by the time I was nine, I was wandering around the streets of some small town, with my two brothers, parentless. (Our parents had died of typhoid or some similar water-borne disease). I died, eventually, from starvation and exposure and it was a short, short life. I was pretty sad to hear about it, but my friend said short lives were in effect, karma clearing.

    I don't seem to have had any glamorous lives either. If I did, I wouldn't believe them.

  2. I was either very, very wealthy with a lot of servants or someone who did manual labor 24/7. Because I HATE manual labor. Hell... I don't even like to work out if it means I'm going to sweat. ;-)

  3. My wife decided to learn to read cards a few weeks ago. She didn't tell me about it (not that she had to) and I came home one evening a little later than I said I would to find her sitting cross-legged on our bed with candles lit all over the room and tarot card laid out before her.

    I thought she was so mad at me for being late again that she was cursing me or something.

    She said she was just try to find my soul card. This did not assuage my concerns.

    But I'm still here and the automatic doors at the grocery store open for me when I approach, so I must still have my soul.

    I have never personally bought into the 'past life' thing. I do kinda believe that we're all reincarnations, but I don't think it really matters what we used to be. It's more important not to be an asshole now than to have been famous 100 years ago or so.

  4. I had my cards read once by my ex-bf's aunt, many years ago, and I can't recall exactly what she said but I remember it being pretty accurate, at least at the time. I'd love to get my cards read now... but don't know of anyone who could do it that I can trust. I think some people do have those abilities but a lot of people are phony =\

    As for the Da Vinci Code, I don't see what the big deal is, it's a novel, so what if Dan Brown speculates (even if he says he has basis for it) about Jesus' life whatever... You can choose what you believe. I'm Catholic, but I have nothing against the story, and I choose to see it as just a story. If Catholics don't wanna see the movie, just don't see it. I hate fusses :p

  5. Wow, what a way to go. That's harsh. Good thing you're doing better in this life.

  6. Jenn: No one in my family would let me read for them. Without reading cards I have a tendency to know things - I just don't say anything because noone wants their secrets out. I have some other past life stories. None of them were any good either and they were short, too.

    DCMM: I have read your cards and I see that you were Cleopatra in a past life. Go lounge. Watch out for figs and snakes.

    p/t buddha: I agree. This life is the most important. My husband swears I'm a witch. Yes, that's with a "w".

    Jadzia: Yes, there are many disreputable readers out there. I used to get people who had their cards read by someone who said they say that their children had been cursed and for a small fee they could remove it. I hate shit like that.

    The Grunt: This life is better than any of my previous ones.

  7. hey vanessa (and jenn)
    tarrot readers huh? that ranks amongst the top 5 things I would want to learn.