Thursday, May 18, 2006

Thirsty Thursday - Thinking

It is time to map out the next phase of my life. I believe in making a plan, listing what I want and defining my goals. Whenever I’ve done this, I’ve gotten exactly what I’ve outlined. It requires work and careful thought. All aspects of an issue must be considered: who, what, where, when and how, oh, and why.

Since I have decided it is time to move on in my work life and since I know I won’t be going any where for at least four or five months, I have time to make some decisions. I think I’d like to change the industry I work in and maybe even the actual work I do. I also think I’m going to go for the more impersonalness of a big company, this time.

The last time I did this for work, nine years ago, I limited my requests, trying not to grasp too greedily at the world. I will attempt to be bolder this time around. It can’t hurt to dream. No one but myself (and you sweet readers) need know what I desire.

Let’s start by picking a date: I like October 15th, 2006. This allows the busy season to be over and gives me time to use all of my paid leave days. It is enough time to look, plan and take action.

Speaking of action: Time to rewrite my resume. That’s a positive action that can be taken now. It will help me feel like I’m doing something useful. It will also help me clarify my thoughts for that conversation I know I will need to have in the near future once I’ve calmed down a bit. I’ve begun by starting a list of tasks I do. He’s going to need to hire a couple of people to replace me.


  1. hey i love the active undertone to the post. wishing you all the luck.

    and i think i shall lay down a plan as well. to change a different aspect of my life.

  2. I'm glad you're not limiting your requests.

    Ask for the stars. And get it.

  3. Good for you!!! Hey, maybe that's my problem. I just go with the flow too much instead of actually laying out a plan. I just might take your advice!

  4. I go with the flow usually too, but sometimes some concrete direction is needed.