Wednesday, January 04, 2006

I'm bah-ack!

Hi Everyone:

I took some time off for the holidays.

Hope everyone has the best in 2006 and here's praying everyone receives what they truely need and not what they think they want.

This is the year of the Dog again, which is my year, so I'm hoping to accomplish great things.

I jusy got done reading Talyn by Holly Lisle. I'm exhausted. What a thrill ride. I don't normally read SF/fantasy, but this was worth it. I ran across Holly Lisle from the suggestion of a writing teacher who pointed out Ms. Lisle's website, which is packed full of information and articles for writers. She also shows her everyday life as a writer who supports herself and her family as a writer. She's quite prolific.
Her website is
Check it out.

Now, I have to catch up on everyone's blog's and doing my own planned daily contributions.

I'm also going to figure out how to use this program correctly, like, how to have an actual title and not just a line seperated from the rest of the text, putting the blogs I read along the right side of the page, add pictures and links, etc. If anyone wants to take pity on me and tell me where I can learn this stuff, I'd be eternally grateful.

Here's my wish for everyone in the New Year:

It is important to live as if we are always on the eve of a great discovery and prepare to welcome it as completely, intimately and ardently as we can.

- Maeterlinck

See you on your blogs. ; )

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