Sunday, January 08, 2006


This was a very satisfying weekend. I slept late (7am) each morning. I usually get up at 4:30am. I cleaned out several drawers and cabinets in my kitchen. I replaced my broken and chipped dishes with a new set. I setup my new blog where I will attemp a serialized novel (Storytime.) We went to my brother's house to watch the Pittsburgh Steelers football game (my father is a die hard fan and thank God they won.) It was a good game once it got going. I got to see my great nephew. There were no fights or arguments. I heard a good tasteless joke:

What does a guy from Philadelphia dunk his pretzel in?

A girl from New Jersey.

(comedian Marty Allen)

I think I'll be able to start the new week with a certain amount of satisfaction.


  1. Wow. You accomplished all that stuff? I take my hat off to you. The only reason I didn't sleep till noon today was cos my sister was arriving with her boyfriend and I was going to the airport to pick them up. It was all a dark deep surprise.

    So it's 9 and I actually feel jetlagged.

    Cute joke. Dunno if the Clamdiggers will find it funny though.

  2. Yeah, the joke is kind of regional, but it just makes me giggle.

    I felt so good about my weekend because I usually fart them away.