Thursday, January 12, 2006

Family Business

I'm a TV baby. Both of my parents worked, so the TV was our babysitter. I almost always have it on, except when I'm at work and then it's the radio. I usually do not pay much attention to either, they are mostly background noise. They block out the scary sounds of the world outside.

Thank God I had them on today, because otherwise I would have missed the earth shatteringly joyous news the Brangelina are procreating. If you hadn't heard, yes, it's true, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are pregnant. What a spectacular achievement. What an astounding event.

I suggest a national holiday to celebrate the happy news. If everyone in the US sends me a dollar, I will throw BP & AJ the best baby shower anyone ever had. I will post the pictures. Send all donations to


  1. he! tell me about it! 345 people died in a stampede today but who cares?? brangelina are having a baby! that's gonna get me a great job, grow more trees and make the world a better place!
    p.s. is it totally hypocritical that while my bitching here is sincere, i'm also one of those who try and watch E! news whenever I can?

  2. LOL It's not a spectacular achievement! He has a penis and she has a... I'm sorry, I don't even like saying that word. And I'm sure they've been putting them to good use since they met.

  3. that girl in pink - I understand. It's like a car accident. You just can't help yourself even though you feel a little guilty.

    Jay - my point exactly.