Sunday, January 15, 2006

Meet Quiet Vinnie

This is my husband. He always has a beer can in every picture taken of him. This drives my mother crazy, but it is now a tradition, so she has to go along with it. I can't show you his face, because he says someone is looking for him and he doesn't want to be found.

As you can surmise from this photo, he drinks beer (duh!) drives a pickup truck, drives a tractor-trailer for a living, wears a baseball cap, hunts, fishes and plays golf. He also has a beautiful singing voice, perfect for Sinata. He only wears suits for weddings and funerals, even though he looks beautiful when he does.

Despite his name, he is rarely quiet and he is not italian.


  1. I think your husband is my type. If he wasn't married to you - and straight - I'm sure we'd be totally happy together.

  2. He's had a few offers.

    Oh, btw, he has a beautiful, blonde mustache and goatee. He's got a lovely Irish and German combination going on.

  3. and now i so want to see the whole of him. ;)

    caught up on your blog today after a while (had been on a break for new year) - loved the satisfaction entry and even the one on honesty
    and ofcourse the one on bragelina had me in splits