Wednesday, January 25, 2006


I looked up from reading on the couch last night and the bench your bed occupied is empty.

I only made dinner for Cody and your countertop didn’t have little bits of smelly fishy food all over it. I packed your dishes away as soon as I got home.

Cody looks at the basement door, wondering when you will come slinking up so he can chase you around the living room and sniff your butt.

Erika won’t have to clean your catbox anymore, one less thing for us to fight about.

Vince can look at the furniture without yelling about you ripping it apart and he won’t have to hid the fact that he pets you even though he hates cats.

I slept through the night (induced by two huge, water tumbler sized gin and tonics) and you didn’t jump at the door to be let in or whine at three in the morning or startle me by staring at me from my pillow.

I waited for you this morning while I sat on the toilet but you didn’t come for your one and only pet session of the day.

I don’t have to watch my step when I’m half asleep and I don’t have to guard the door at night so you won’t slip out.

Everyone says I did the right thing. Fourteen years is a long life and I think you had a good one.

I know you are kneading Gods knee, while he grimaces at your claws. I love you.


  1. losing pets sucks
    ive never really had any 'real' pets, i was allowed tropical fish, i had 21, now i have 1; his name's stripey and hes nearly 10 (human) years old! - im waiting for him to give up so i can getta siamese fighting fish - i cant atm, cos stripey would kill it!
    you'll be ok :)

  2. found this, or rather friend found this:

  3. its amongst the hardest things. but you know imagine there are poeple who have not experienced the unconditional warmth of affection.
    hoppe you are feeling better

  4. Thanks, lemontree.

    I'm getting there.

  5. Poor Nessa. We put a pet of 14 years to sleep the day before I flew off to Australia. He was in the last stages of cancer and in constant pain. Of course we all turned into waterspouts, but looking back on it, it was a good death. He died surrounded by people who love and mourned him. Not many humans can say as much.

    I think Misty will always be there somehow, looking out for you. Am a great believer in pets living on...

  6. man, it hurts.
    we lost our cocker "zero", two years ago and i still tear up thinking about him.
    jenn is right. they do live on. through photographs, favourite sleepig sofas and happy memories.
    here's hoping the pain lessens for you and your family.

  7. jenn and pink:

    Thanks for your kind words.

    (Jenn - I haven't been called Nessa in a long time. It was always a nickname I liked.)

  8. Aww, I'm so sorry, that made me cry. Losing a pet certainly does suck! :(