Wednesday, December 21, 2005

I hate a lot of things and here’s a short list:

People who talk on their cell phones while they’re driving.
People who talk on their cell phones out in public like they are in a private place.
People who Nextel each other in public over the speakers.
I just hate phones all together.
I hate chatting on the phone.
Small talk.
People who ask me “How are you?” and don’t wait for an answer.
People who leave their dogs outside at night.
People that don’t say their name and phone number clearly when leaving a message.
People that can’t say what they want specifically in their voice mail messages to me.
Junk mail.
Junk email, especially for male enhancement products.
Grey days.
Taking out the garbage.
Sorting laundry.
Going to work every single day.
Not winning the lottery (Please Lord…let me prove to you that winning the lottery won’t spoil me.)
Not being able to remember names.
Employees in stores, banks, etc. that chat with each other while I’m waiting for service.
Exercise. (But I like long, solitary walks.)
Big parties.
Margarine (Butter is better.)
People that ask my opinion of something and then tell me I’m wrong.
People that preach their religion to me.
When I’m mean to someone.
When I don’t control my smart-aleck mouth.
When people think I’m giving them mean looks and I’m just thinking about something else.
That I can’t tell a decent joke.
People that drive too close behind me (I like to slam on my brakes to see how good their reactions are.)
People that use the last of anything without having the common fuckin’ decency to replace or refill. (Toilet paper and soap are biggies.)
People that have to fill ever itty bitty little aural space with the sound of their own voice. SHUT UP!
People who drive down the street at 3am with the base in their car so loud my house starts vibrating two blocks away.
People who drive up to someone’s house and beep the horn instead of getting off of their lazy ass and go to the door.
Car alarms (Never a more useless and annoying invention.)

I could go on and on and on, but you can see I pretty much hate everything and everyone.


  1. no, you dont hate eeryone and everything, only those things that were invented to make our lives "easier", but infact make it a damnsite harder and more complicated, and not to forget alot more expensive. most of those i also hate/ despise.
    i myself am a salesperson( only in the holidays); i hate it when im working my ass off trying to serve 20 customers (3 ofwhitch atleast being foriegn; refusing to speak english)while out the corner of my eye i can see atleast 2 of my 'colleauges' chatting and laughing. i once saw one notice me, turn back to the others and laugh about the fact that i was swamped. i could of screamed. instead i shouted at tham and redirected teh forign customers to them. suffice to say i dont work there anymore.

  2. CECCG, you are right. All of our technology, consumerism, etc does not make our lives easier. And there's so much pressure to have these things. I get yelled at alot for forgetting to turn on or recharge my cell phone, for example.

    I never had much success in the retail or service industries myself. The only job I ever got fired from was from a salesperson job in a clothing store.

  3. I hate margarine and exercise too. As this is Malaysia, our salespeople having a cosy old chat instead of serving us is par for the course and if we didn't take that in stride we would spend a lot of time being angry (haha, I have other things to rile me like the jerks on the road). As for handphones, it's attached to the ear, literally, part of the body, no sense in getting riled up by something that's attached to the body (I saw a guy with a really funky hearing aid and I actually thought it was a new kind of handphone)

  4. Love it! I think I might print it out and tack it up at work! Hope you're well, luv.

  5. i just saw your comment on my other blog (everyday), you said your friend emailed it to you - do you know how they found it?
    im studying illustration, so exposure is of great importence to me - thank you :)