Friday, December 09, 2005


I hate SUV’s. You know, the Suburbanites’ Ultimate Validation. It snowed here today and because of Mother Nature, I have to be tortured by soccer Moms on SUV steroids. They drive where they want, as fast as they want, without any regard for the people around them. I don’t think they even see anyone else.

There was ice and snow mixed with rain, which started to freeze and this bimbo, Martha Stewart-wanna-be, didn’t know that no matter how big your truck is, 4-wheel drive doesn’t work on ice. But no worries, so she hit someone. Ran right up the ass of the car in front of her. She slid-slided away right into a young girl who was on her way to work. Martha charged from her vehicle, yelling down at this poor child, screaming that it was her fault she got hit because she was in the way. Madam apparently had an appointment with her manicurist, and now she would be late.

You should have seen her face when the police officer handed her a ticket for following too close and reckless driving for the road and weather conditions. She turned purple when the officer told her the young girl wasn’t getting any ticket at all. Some obviously jealous people in economy cars must have told the policeman how aggressively HumV lady was driving.

Just as I’m writing this, a news story is on about an SUV that ran into the house of a family with 3 kids this morning. The driver killed both parents by landing his truck on top their bed while they were sleeping. Granted, other factors were involved too, but SUV’s are evil. Satan’s Ugly Vice. Oh, I’m sorry, SUV’s are like guns, they don’t kill, people do.


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  2. dammit

    i agree SUV's are evil
    we're lucky enough not to have been invaded by them as of yet...
    my mums side of the family come from Guernsey (
    .jpg )
    the maximum speed limit is 30 mph, simply because by the time you got up to anything faster, your stopping distance would be longer than the rest of the island - i love these little useless facts... ^^

    but yes


  3. Wow darlin', you should try driving in my little neck of the woods (land of the free, home of the brave, yeah right). It's SNAFU ad nauseam. It always takes me a few days to get used to the controlled chaos on the roads and even become a living, breathing part of it.

    I realised I was truly back to form, when yesterday, doing an illegal U-ey, with a line of traffic patiently waiting, I remarked to my lil sis. "Hey, you know, we're not too bad. When someone is committing a traffic offence, others usually wait patiently for him (though more likely her)."

    Little Miss Perfect rolled her eyes: "Yes, Jennfer, what ever you say."