Friday, December 11, 2009

You're Nuts

I love waking up, getting a large cup of coffee and turning on my computer as my morning wake up ritual. The first place I go to is my email inbox. The comments you all leave are funny, witty, intelligent, helpful, clever and kind. In the four years since I began blogging, each comment has brought me a bit of joy

Then this morning, someone comments on one of my posts that they don’t like what I write here and I am not welcome to visit them again. I am devastated to gigantic proportions. I begin sobbing huge gulping heaves that cause me to throw up in the bathroom sink. I can’t stop crying. I question my sanity because anyone this upset over twenty-five words (yes, I counted) from a stranger needs psychiatric care.

I want a professional writing career? How on earth will I ever bring myself to submit my work to editors and publishers if I get this upset?


  1. I'm so sorry, N. It's strange how much virtual rejection hurts, isn't it?

  2. Oh Nessa! I'm so sorry! It's just a cyber bully trying to pick a fight because in actuality they are small and insignificant in mind, spirit and body parts.

  3. Don't let the b*#@tard get you down and keep writing.

  4. Things like this drive me wacko. If someone doesn't like what you write on YOUR blog then they can 1.) disagree kindly... or 2.) NOT read your blog anymore. But it is just plain infantile to go to someone's blog and say "I don't like you anymore, don't visit me again!" That is probably one of the rudest things I've heard yet.

    But the other thing is, I hear you saying you were very upset by this "stranger's" remark. So I take it this is NOT one of your regular commentors, and that it is someone you may visit occasionally - but not regularly. This was not a FRIEND who said this. Dear Lord, I HOPE this was not a FRIEND. And Nessa... I hope you will realize soon that this is NOT something to linger on.

    YOU are a wonderful writer, and hopefully you know that. Your genre is never going to please all the people all the time -- but you write WELL! And when you send your manuscripts in, you do so knOWing that the response that you get back may not be the one you hoped for - but you are prepared for that. DEEP inside you knOW that most manuscripts get rejected a billion times before they are accepted. So it will not send you for a tailspin! What this person did was come to your blog and ATTACK you on your own turf - and it was totally UNexpected. And it was the fact that it was unexpected that hurt you sO much. You don't really care that ONE person out of the whole world doesn't like what you write. You know not everyone will like it. But you DO care that someone attacked you. They were wrong to do that.

    I hope you feel better soon.

  5. Just imagine how Sarah Palin must feel.

  6. Nessa -- who ever that person is, you do not need them for validation!

    Just a few months back somebody did the same thing to me. She wrote a post about Nascar. I responded that I used to watch and enjoy Nascar, but anymore I don't often turn on the TV. She wrote back and told me I was hateful and judgmental. Then she told me she had deleted my blog from her blogroll and would delete any of my future comments. I steamed for three days and then decided to forget about her.

    You might be a tad over sensitive, but I think your commenter is the nut case, not you.

  7. Ummm - hello they don't have to read what you write. Tell that person to go jump in the lake! Some of us love what you write and if I don't say it enough let me say it now... I love your blog!!

  8. Oh Buck Up Sister. This is so not you. I'm amazed you didn't send a nasty email right back LOL. I seeing the sensitive side of my dear sweet lovely friend Nessa! Can't be...Belt some woo woo's down and get over it...Oh Dr. Thom...shush your mouth...she deserves a good sob every once in a while. I guess she just doesn't realize how well she writes. Hell with them...they weren't a friend if they can't be honest and have a discussion about it. Now smile and have a great day. YOU 'DA BOMB!!!!

  9. Oh and for what it's worth...I've been given the heave ho by several as well. Can you believe that? Moi? But I just figure it this way, I've got the best people still reading my blog and putting up with my nonsense, however crass, crude, illogical and dumb it is. They are the bomb and I wouldn't trade them for the world :)

  10. you VOMITED and sobbed and can't stop crying? Nessa darling, this is an overreaction.

    there are lots of nasty people out there in blogsville, just last week I received veiled threats from someone who judged me to be unfit to work in a hospital because I have a tattoo, streaked hair and publish what she views as tasteless photos of myself.

    sure, it was upsetting and the threat bothered me but not enough to shed tears.

    you won't be ready to submit your work to publishers until you believe in yourself enough not to cry over some stranger's criticism

    onward and upward my friend and back to the typewriter

  11. Wow? Really? How upsetting. The poor bastard must be really unhappy to spread such unhappiness...

    So many love you...

    much love

  12. Okay Nessa honey, now to start with, do we care if they like you? No, we do not care that their taste is in their foot...they should be beaten with a shoe! However, I would gladly not visit this person again and go so far as to block their entry to see you again. I know how you feel...but never mind. Some village has lost their idiot and if they come looking, we'll know where to direct them!

  13. Well I must say that it's not a good feeling when people are deliberately MEAN. But you know what? If you tell yourself that there are always people who are going to say MEAN things because they don't like themselves, or because they have a personal problem and want to take it out on YOU, then you don't have to CARE.

  14. Oh, I am so sorry! Sorry that I so late with my comment as well, but sotry for your ordeal.:(((((
    I am VERY sensitive and this would devastate me too.
    But I guess just like in the real world, we will not appeal and be liked by everyone. So, take another sip of the coffee, delete that email and read all the lovely comments instead.
    I am sending yo a BIG virtual hug,

    PS: I LOVE your blog and pleas keep visiting mine.;))


  16. Sounds like this other person has a problem, Nessa. It's very hurtful when someone is mean but it's best to ignore it...if you can.

  17. Well now, I'm sorry but that is just downright rude. If I were you I would copy and paste that right back on his/her blog!! I say definitely yes, if that's the only bad comment you've ever had, then that person has THE problem!