Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Rabbit, Rabbit – Hot Footin’ It

20091130 rabbit, rabbit

Blue Rabbit: What do you do for good luck?

Pink Bunny: Run.

I wish you lots of running in December.

* * *

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  1. Rabbit rabbit. Don't run, bunny hop.

  2. No time to slow down this busy month!

  3. I agree no time for a rest now. Hope you had a time time with your grandson.

  4. Rabbit, rabbit. Gonna be lots of running around this month. Love the picture :)

  5. My Krysti asked me the other day... "Mom, when big Kitty dies, can I cut off one of his feet to keep for a good luck charm? You know... like a rabbit's foot?" ??? ??? ... I said no!

  6. We do the rabbit thing too, but most people i know don't know anything about it. It's good to see so many knowledgeable people here who obviously know how to get and keep their luck.

  7. How cute is that? I hope you have a holiday season that is filled with lots of rabbit foots!