Monday, December 07, 2009

Monday Mayhem

Welcome to Monday Mayhem
monday mayhem
This week's (actually from 11/28/09 – I request all meme prompts be posted a week ahead of time) Monday Mayhem is brought to us by Thom - You know- this guy :)

Directions: Copy and paste this into a blog post.
In Exactly 8 Words and 1 picture Describe:

1. Your love life:
I would need the brown paper wrapper first.
IMG_5033 2. Your worst habit:
It has to be how perfect I am.IMG_4980
3. The city you live in:
A hub of social and economic elitism, not.
4. Your pet peeve:
Pets that pee on me not a tree.
IMG_4937 5. Your parents:
Made me who I am, thanks so much.
20090324 - Bacchanal 2 6. You favorite dessert:
Vanilla ice cream with warm raspberry sauce. Yum!
7. Your worst vacation:
One when I have no time to read.
8. Yourself:
A person not to be taken too seriously.


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  1. ROFLMAO!!! Your pet just too funny LOL And you can never be too perfect my friend. Just over the top on woo woo's ROFLMAO. Have a great week ahead :)

  2. I think that person not to be taken too seriously is seriously funny!

    AND, I always post my prompt a week in advance -- except when I am too tired and forget to post it until Dr. John yells at me.

  3. Beautiful shots! I wish I could come up with exact 8 words for all the question. I love d reading your answers.

  4. Well said. The romance answer cracked me up. AAWWW on the last photo :)

    Have a great week Nessa!

  5. Now you can go make a snowman and make snow angels.

  6. Pithy and superbly illustrated.

  7. LOL!!! #1 - LUCKY YOU! I love the picture for #3!!! And #8 is the best! None of us should take ourselves too seriously!

  8. Really good and funny. Cute questions and better answers!

  9. The shoes on the electric lines says so much and is so funny.

    Thanks for sharing!

  10. pets in costumes are always a YES.

  11. You have a lovely sense of humor!

  12. Wonderful how you answered using only eight words!

  13. What a great meme. I love the pet peeve one, that bums me out too. And I'd like to hear more about #1.

  14. Nessa, popped over for a visit and loved the photos and the eight-word descriptions. I'm new on blogland and learning the themes is interesting. You did a great job!

  15. oh i loved this..

    very smart..