Wednesday, February 04, 2009

The Wild Hunt

The Wild Huntsman, Woden, sat atop his snorting white horse, his knees gripping the beast’s shoulders. The air rocked and lightening shot to the ground each time Ehwaz struck the clouds with his iron hooves.

The old female elf, Slattenpat, naked, wrinkled skin rolling with her movements, darted in and out with her knobbed cane, attempting to gather the dead to her. The phantasmal group behind the stamping steed was herded away from the collector by ghostly hounds.

Ehwaz rose up on its back legs and lunged out at the nefarious fairy. Slattenpat decided to break off her pursuit of the lost souls in Woden’s care.

Long breasts thrown over her shoulders, Slattenpat ran into the swirling mists to escape her pursuer. Woden threw a thunderbolt that struck his quarry in the ass and cracked her into millions of pieces.

I woke in the bright morning sunshine to find shards of crystalline snow covering the earth.


  1. I could SO cope with snow right now. This heatwave never ends!

  2. Sounds like one of my dreams -- and both of my breasts!

  3. David: Looks like you could use a blizzard.

    Quilly: I think you and I have "issues" honey.

    Doug: Yeah, I wish I still did them; D

  4. I'm with Melli on the breasts thing! Age never comes alone ;)

  5. First sometimes I wonder if we're really related...

    Second stop talking about your boobs...

    And last I told you when ever you need the good stuff I can hook you


  6. I might rechristen my gentleman's organ 'Slattenpat'.

    'Tis an excellent name.

    Good work all round, m'dear!

  7. Welcome back to writing.
    Now I know where all this stupid snow came from.

  8. Dragonstar: It’s always good to have a partnet.

    Erika: Hi baby. You have no idea how nmuch it tickles me that you are the first “live” person commenting here. And excuse me, but I’m pretty sure you have inherited my wierdness. : D

    Actonbell: My dreams are the reason I can’t get myself out of bed.

    Your Lordship: While tis an excellent sounding moniker, I’m not sure your special friend would stand (up) for the mythical reference.

    Dr. John: I apologize for my selfishness. After reading your comment, I dreamed I lived in a gypsy wagon that was flooding from all of the melting ice and snow and now look, we are having record high temps. You’re welcome. = )

  9. Phantasmal is my new favorite word!!!

  10. Kev: That is a phantasmal word.

  11. Did she throw them over her shoulder like a continental soldier? Man alive, that is one wild description LOL!

  12. Tsduff: Yes, my dreams are a bit wacky.