Saturday, February 28, 2009

Seven Snippets #2

"On the Road Again"
Photograph by Vanessa V. Kilmer © February 21, 2009

1. Last Sunday, we showed off our vacation home to my parents and brother and sister-in-law. We sat in the trailer which sat in the driveway. Rain pitter-patted the roof as we drank beer and wine to christen the camper in proper form. My brother and sister-in-law left for a previous engagement. My parents stayed for dinner. I had put my special meatballs in a crock pot (I will post the recipe - you will not believe how much people love them.) After eating, we spent the evening playing Wii™ bowling. My mother beat the pants off of us. My father pouted. They are addicted.

2. Monday morning, two Sparrow Hawks wrestled in the air and flew into my front porch, which is enclosed with glass sliding doors. They tumbled on the sidewalk. By the time I had camera in hand, one had flown away. Stunned and with a hurt left wing and left leg, the second Hawk sat on the sidewalk and posed for me. You saw a picture yesterday.

3. My daughter began her new job this week. A load has been taken from us all. Health benefits and a second income - yeah, baby!

4. Last night was my first art studio night. I showed GB what few items I had in my portfolio. She said I could draw and she liked my design abilities and pronounced me promising. Of course, my oil painting skills are crap which is why I am going there.

My first project is for my father and I am only doing it because he asked. He found an old two handed logging saw. He asked me to paint scenes of the Mirabell Gardens (where my parents married) and Festung Hohensalzburg on it. I am sure you recognize these places from The Sound of Music. I will add Edelweiss and Encian flowers on the narrow parts of the blade. I will post pictures when I am done (by April 6, my dad's birthday.)

5. Through NaNoWriMo I have the opportunity to get a free copy of my 2007 novel Ancestral Head in book form from a self publishing company. I have until mid-April to do that. I have finished editing the first two chapters. This is an excellent opportunity to learn how the process works. I will actually have a copyrighted book with a real ISBN and everything.

6. Being a bit slow on the uptake, I just figured out how to use post "scheduling." An amazing feature.= )

7. So that I can stay ahead of the game, I have developed a posting plan. I make no promises (we all know how reliable I am) but maybe it will help when I am too tired to think straight.

Monday - 100 words or Portrait of Words, Jeff B's monthly writing prompt

Tuesday - Tabulation (list of ten themed items)

Wednesday - From My Sketchbook

Thursday - Three Word Thursday, Quilly's weekly obscure word game

Friday - Foto Friday

Saturday - Seven Snippets (a review of my week)

Sunday - Poetry

The hope is that I can maintain focus and always post a week ahead with leeway built in for real life.


  1. Do you get to do cover art for your novel?

  2. Incidentally, if you would be willing to do a reading, I'd be thankful. I can't find your email.

  3. Doug #1: I think I can do a picture on the front and I am going to try to use something of my own. It depends on how much time I have.

    Doug #2: Sure, I'd love to read again.

  4. That hawk from yesterday is so pretty. I'm so impressed with your determination to get organized Nessa, I miss everyone from the blog, but I just can't seem to get it all together nowdays. Congrats on your upcoming book!

  5. Kat: I am determined but whether is does any good?

  6. You know Nessa...I think I can count on one had how many vacation homes of the wheeled type are over here. One of the costs of living in paradise? LOL I remember growing up in Nevada how fun it was to go out and use ours. Fond memories.

  7. We have a tent trailer and absolutely love going camping with it. Looking forward to the day when we can afford to upgrade to something like what you have now. Also looking forward to summer when the boys are out of school so we can hit the road again.

  8. Thom: You can just camp on the beach, can't you?

    Jeff: We were looking at them but we got a great and unexpected deal. And we have old people that need extra comfort if they are to join us. And a grand-child on the way.

  9. Well you can camp on the beach but you need a permit. You should see out Makaha side. As Quilly...the homeless have over run the beaches up there and it's a horrifying sight.

  10. Thom: The homeless are becoming more prevelent everywhere.