Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tabulation #1 - Warm

Photograph by Vanessa V. Kilmer © February 22, 2009

1. a roaring fire in the backyard
2. fuzzy pink socks on my feet
3. Root:1™ Cabernet Sauvignon
4. banana pudding in my tummy
5. hubby hugs after work
6. compliments on my writing, anytime
7. Cody puppy kisses in the morning
8. sleeping late on cold days
9. family playing Wii™ bowling
10. my daughter's laugh all of the time

* * * Next week's topic is "DVR TV"


  1. My brother's family loves to bowl at the Wii alley together.

    Nice writing :)

  2. Lovely warming list...what a great idea. It is good for everyone to make lists of what inspires them.

  3. 1. sparks from the fireplace
    2. socks catch fire
    3. pouring wine on flames
    4. knock pudding onto sleeping spouse
    5. he hugs you thinking pudding is wet kiss
    6. manuscript burning
    7. puppy thinks you're playing
    8. wish you were still asleep
    9. family in other room thinks you're playing Wii
    10. daughter laughs thinking you're just being silly

  4. Tom: My daughter laughs because she thinks I am weird.

  5. Doug: We are Wii addicts, especially my parents.

    Mo'a: It was a warming exercise.

  6. I got stuck on the banana pudding one for a few moments before going on. I LOVE banana pudding, but I'm currently in the process of dropping some unwanted poundage. Oh how I would LOVE to devour some banana pudding with those yummy vanilla wafers in it. I better STOP dreaming about this, or I will end up cheating on my diet.

    warm: homemade chili

    See... I keep thinking about FOOD!!!!


  7. Nice stuff to have in one's life!

  8. Your writing is always worth complimenting.

  9. Jamie: I know. Banana pudding is like one of the most perfect of foods.

    Any food. I love food.

    Merideth: Yes, I am very lucky.

    Dr. John: You sweet talker; D

  10. they have bananda pudding flavored yogurt thats good for you and tastes really really good and I probably would laugh at first but then I'd put you out

  11. Erika: I'm glad you'd dowse the fire eventually.