Thursday, February 19, 2009

TWT #2 - Bought and Paid

Quilly has a weekly game called Three Word Thursday. This is Week 2. Learn how to play and learn some new-old words. This is my second week in a row of joining in. Wow, that's bordering on consistency. Go see who else is playing.

Bought and Paid

I don't know anything about numismatics. As far as I am concerned, coins are for putting in soda machines or my numerous change jars or my jewelry box if they are pretty or different enough. I have no real idea of the value of any particular coin. I just know what I like and I like wheat pennies for some reason.

I also like to tempt fate by pretending that I am superstitious. I will make up little dares for the universe just to see if I get smote. So far I have no burn marks on my buttocks.

I married in 2001. At that time I was 43. I don't mind telling you that since we all know I turned 50 last year. I don't cry too much about it. Let's move on.

I had never been married before and neither had my fella.

QV (my husband) said to me one day:


"Sure, why not?"

I looked up from my book.

"Wanna what exactly?"

"Get married so we can have a party."

"Yeah, that sounds like a plan." (I warn you, this is an incredibly romantic story.)

So just for grins and giggles, I gave the powers that be an opportunity to dash my little girl hopes. I would cancel the nuptials unless I was able to find thirteen wheat pennies before the wedding. I figured if this was something the Big Guy wanted me to do after all these years he could give me a sign. I had six months to get my hint.

We rented the hall and I found one wheat penny in the parking lot. I sent out invitations and booked a caterer. I received a few of the required coins as change. The date of the event got closer but I still lacked my baker's dozen.

Imagine the fracas I caused when I began telling people we would have to call the event off because I only had eight pennies.

Being of perspicacious mind and not wanting to lose his wonderful catch, QV dumped the contents of all of our coin jars on the living room carpet and came up with the bride price.


  1. Good for QV, he save the marriage to be.

  2. That's the kind of wedding story I appreciate.

  3. I just love romantic stories with a happy ending. The words fit perfectly.
    But then you are a real writer not like us word players.

  4. That's romantic. He made SURE you got those pennies!! I love it!
    It's good to know you have no burn marks on your bohunkus.
    Terrific story using Quilly's three words.

  5. Betty: He is a keeper.

    Doug: No fuss, no muss.

    Dr. John: A writer writes. I love your stories.

    Jamie Dawn: We had pizza, too.

  6. YOU ARE WEIRD!!! but I still love you!!!

  7. Baby-kins: Just remember that my genes dominate in your bloodline; D

  8. So, your love bought you for 5 wheat pennies. That is romantic. It also makes a great story! Good use of my words.

  9. Quilly: I've always been a cheap date.

  10. LOL. Oh, Nessa, I love this story. It actually is quite romantic, even though it started out a bit weak with "wanna?" I love how he came up with the bride price in the end, desperate to not loose you. If I ever find my Mr. Right, I hope he offers a horse as my bride price. I am such an old fashioned type girl, sigh.

  11. Alice: The good ones are worth waiting for. Hope you get your horse.

  12. Hey, that's my word (perspicacious)!

  13. Rhea: Do I owe you a rental fee? ; D