Thursday, June 08, 2006


It hurts to get the cold-shoulder. I lie awake at night, the glare of the digital alarm clock numbers mocking me in my misery and loneliness. I ponder my possible indiscretions, review my actions, and replay my words, all in an effort to see how I have offended. I wonder at my short comings. What did I do wrong? What did I say that would cause such obvious dismissal? Did I break some rule that remains a mystery to me? I admit that I occasionally put my foot in my mouth, but I don’t think I did this time.

I have never had to feel the sting of being ignored. I always receive some sort of response. I can deal with someone not liking me. I can handle unwanted attention. I can even bear people liking me on occasion. But why would someone give me the brush off?

I toy with the idea of outrageous behavior to garner recognition. Perhaps I should curse and stomp my feet. I could lift up my shirt like they do in the Girls Gone Wild videos (it might not be pretty, but I could not be discounted.)

I want to blurt aloud for all to hear that I have been slighted and I want to know why. I never thought that “comment moderation” would mean that my comments would not be published. What was wrong with my comments that you wouldn’t post them for others to see? But more importantly, why do I care that a complete stranger will not post my comments?

* * *

I know I shouldn’t be happy at someone’s death, but Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi [was] Killed in Air Raid and I am.

* * *

This woman is proof that you only need to be obnoxious and rude to be famous and make money. Her lack
of intelligence doesn’t prevent people from buying her books. Come on people, let’s not encourage the
idiots .


  1. Honestly, some people! (sticks tongue out at slighting person who offended Vanessa).

    You have loads of people who love you. So to hell with her, whoever she is.

  2. I know. Can you imagine anyone ignoring me?

    But knowing you love me makes me feel better. I love you, too.

  3. Wah? Ignoring you? Maybe there's been some mistake, eh?


  4. Heather: I know it's hard to believe. It could be, but...?

    Gutterspace: I am ignoring back. Cause I'm very mature.

  5. I heard that comment moderation sometimes makes it easy to miss a comment... especially during slow times or maintenance times. ??

    I hate being ignored, too, though. (look at me, look at me!) haha

    Ann Coulter needs to just shut up. I don't care if you're a conservative or a liberal... we all must make this woman go away. Like maybe to some uninhabited part of Siberia.

  6. Aw, hon, that is ouch.
    So sorry.
    Maybe it was an oversight or mistake?
    I dunno, but I am sorry it hurt you.

    Anne Coulter makes me...
    LONG for my happy place
    La la la la la
    Happy place
    Happy place
    NO HEINOUS LOUDMOUTH B**** allowed.
    That means you may come but not your ignoring acquaintance.

  7. DCMM: I wouldn't be suprised if it was something like that, but I am choosing to pout. As I said above, I am very mature.

    Logo: Thanks. I am perfecting my boo boo face.

    Yes, Ann Coulter gets to me in the way her male counter part did (oh actually she reminds me of two men, both of whom espoused such wonderful conservative values. The first guy I think is in rehab for cocaine and the other, a married man, got caught with sexual harrassment. You all know who I mean. [I hate not being able to remember names when I want.])

  8. ok, this is just a huge coincidence and i think it'll make you feel good.

    i came over to your blog to thank you for your vote of confidence on my blog against that nasty comment some anonymous blogger has left. i was kinda surprised when i saw the anonymous comment cuz i couldn't figure out what in my post was so offensive. and it felt really good to have you come and stand by me!

    so you see, while some numbskull is ignoring you, the smarter ones (like me) are really thankful that we know you (in our twisted blogger pals way but whatever!).

    thanks vanessa!!! ignore the ignorer. there are so many better things to focus on!

  9. Pink: Thank you and you're welcome. I kept looking at that post and at first I wasn't going to say anything, but it really annoyed me. And it was so uncalled for. Your post was clever and well written, and asshole idiots are obnoxious. Plus, I think anonymous criticism is so cowardly.

    The two men who Ann Coulter reminds me of are Rush Limbaugh and Bill O'Reilly.

  10. I had never heard of Ann Coulter before. I looked at that interview video and she seems to have her head up her ass!

    Who would want to not publish your comment? I am sure it was oversight.