Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Death Episcopal Food

Jason, an Episcopal priest from New Jersey, sat in the front pew of his church. His faith tottered on the brink of death. He reread the mandate from the church’s General Convention that will bless same sex marriages and that will ordain a non-celibate priest as a bishop. He agonized over these requirements. He prayed long and hard for guidance in these matters. He found them to be heretical. He tried to get them changed, but failed. He could no longer bear these radical changes in the church.

How could he continue to guide his parish in faith when he so disagreed with his superiors? His bishops made it impossible to maintain his vow of obedience.

Tonight, over dinner, he would tell his wife and children, that he would leave the Episcopal faith and join the Roman Catholic Church. He knew it might ruin the excellent food his wife cooked. Perhaps he would wait until everyone finished their dessert. They would be shocked at his decision, but they would follow him without complaint. They always did what he told them.

He would apply for ordination under the Catholic Church’s 1980 Pastoral Provision that would allow married Episcopal priests to become married Catholic priests. Thank goodness the Catholic Church made this change in their rules so he could follow his conscience. A slight chance existed that they would not accept his application, but he had a following, so he doubted they would deny him. He knew he would be an oddity in a celibate and unmarried priesthood, but everyone would adjust.


  1. Wow. Lovely story. Especially loved the wry humour...

  2. Thanks. I wonder that someone doesn't see the irony in the decision.

  3. i dont get it...

    i just dont get any of it at all


  4. Gwen: This was just a weird thing I saw in the news. A long time Episcopal priest is switching religions because of the changes his church is making. And he's married and trying to join an unmarried Catholic priesthood through a change in the Catholic Churches rules. I just find it wrong.