Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Six Six Six

Somewhere in the world, the devil’s spawn took its first breath. So that you will all know him/her, a description follows:

Imagine the most beautiful person you can
who smiles whenever you are looking
tells you what you want to hear
promises you your heart’s desire
never actually delivers
and makes you always feel thirsty.

For fun 666 stuff, if you are not afraid.

By the way, I’m still here and so are you, but as expected, I have transitioned. Here’s to a brave new world.

While Timshel does not mean what Steinbeck said it does, “Thou Mayest” is my new mantra. I have a choice. Regardless of my genes, my upbringing, my past, the situation or circumstances, I always have a choice. The choices may not be the most ideal, but I always have a choice.

Today, I choose to say, “Happy Birthday, Antichrist.”


  1. Did you go to see The Omen today?

    I love the theme music.

    And going by your description I don't think the AntiChrist can be born today because I dated him.

  2. Yeah, and here's a little more news: the Anti-Christ must female and there are several of them. I've dated each one, according to your description.

  3. apparently the AntiChrist is a shapeshifter... going from male to female quite often. Eeeeek.

  4. Yes, the Antichrist is all things to all people.