Sunday, June 04, 2006

It's Over

I grew these from seeds. Today I replanted them in their new homes. I planted Columbine, Butterfly Weed and Ornamental Poppy.
I must tell you that I am very clever. I used white plastic forks for labels. I wrote the names of the plants with Sharpie pens.
Here you can see Mr. and Mrs. Duck. They visit our pool. In the background you can see where I'm putting my little plants.


  1. Hello Mr & Mrs Duck!

    Mum's Work used to have a pond ion one of the Quads - there used to be Ducklings every spring, but then the work decided they didnt want to pay someone to clean out the pond anymore, so the had it filled in. the Ducks kept coming back for a couple of years - but there were no more ducklings :(

    what are Columbine and Butterfly Weed??

    ( i can guess what ornamental poppy is :P )

  2. Jamie: Thanks. I was quite proud of my idea.

    Gwen: Here's the Columbines and here's the Butterfly Weed

    We will do our best to keep the pair coming back.

  3. Aw, Mr. & Mrs. Duck! They look so sweet and cute in that pic.

    The forks? Brilliant.