Wednesday, June 07, 2006


Here is a lil thing I copied from Guggenflugen but never got around to doing until reminded of it by Glaciermeow . I tried real hard not to think about my answers, you know, like a Freudian test.

I AM, I yelled.
I WANT everything.
I WISH I were independently wealthy.
I HATE phones.
I MISS my cat.
I FEAR loneliness (but not being alone.)
I HEAR the birds singing every morning.
I WONDER what life is like after death.
I REGRET not getting my art degree.
I AM NOT perfect.
I DANCE because it feels good.
I SING really loud in my car when I’m alone.
I CRY over stupid commercials.
I AM NOT ALWAYS pleasant.
I MAKE WITH MY HANDS all kinds of crafts.
I WRITE every day.
I CONFUSE people’s reactions to me.
I NEED a hug.
I SHOULD get back to work.
I START new projects every day.
I FINISH about 25% of them.

Speaking of psycho tests, take Dr. Phil's

It was fun and doesn’t take long. My score was 41.


  1. My score was 40. But I got 15 bonus points for saying out loud that Dr. Phil is an obnoxious asshole, so that's 65. And then I slandered Oprah in a particularly perverse manner and received the double kick-back round-about bonus, bringging my score to 130. This means that basically, everyone wants to be me.

  2. I'll have to give that a go. I enjoyed your answers, btw.

  3. Heh. I scored 40.

    Cautious? Me?

  4. Yeah, Blogger is working again.

    Jamie: I want everyone to be independantly wealthy.

    PTB: While I agree we all want to be you, I must point out that 40 & 15 are 55 thus making your total points 110.

    The Grunt: Thanks and I hope you are feeling better.

    Jenn: I think you are being facetious.

  5. PTB: And I want to add that you are not diminished in my eyes even though your points do not add up to 130. I give you an extra 50 points for your poem.

  6. I love your answers. Here's a hug. *hug*

  7. Again I have to say...facetious? Me?

  8. Güggenflürgen: Thanks for the hug.

    Jenn: Oh, you.; )

  9. interesting answers!! can so identify with the last 2 points. :)

    and hell, if you need a hug, you're gonna get one. BIG HUG!

    p.s. i scored 42. in short that means, i'm the perfect type of human being. :)

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  11. Pink: Thanks for the hug. Us 40's are superb.

    Dr. Linus Pauling said, "The best way to have a good idea is to have a lot of ideas."

  12. Aaagh!
    it deleted my comment...

    i didint do it...

    i cant remember what i said now, but i know i got 35...

    meh ^^

  13. Gwen: Blogger has been very naughty lately.