Thursday, July 09, 2015

r u artsy fartsy ~ wanna b ?

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I think everyone is artist - read creative. There are many ways to express your creativity and one is not better than another, just different. People draw,paint, write, crochet and knit, write code, make videos and take pictures, build furniture, put together parties, cook. All of these activities can be creative and artistic. When you think outside of the box, intentionally and attentively produce something you are being artistic.

I’ve decided to plan a project each month to produce something creative that is intentional and a little off beat. I’ll develop some random guidelines to follow as a road map along the way. Right now, I’m not doing anything. One project a month will get me 12 different pieces of art a year without too much stress. Creating things with your hands is a great stress reducer. It takes you out of your self, out of your comfort zone, and into a place where you can contact the real you, that essence that lives on. This is a way to add your thoughts to the collective conscientiousness. Check out Carl Jung ~ it’s a thing.

I realize I’m getting started late and there’s only 23 days left (3 weeks if that makes you feel better) and I’m booked for a week in the woods during that time period, but this project should be easy.

Feel free to join me each month. Then in the first week of the following month, we can post pictures of what we created. I’ll do a post of my finished item. Then, you can do links to your sites (blogs, websites, facebook page, Instagram, wherever you may live) in the comments or email me a picture and I’ll post it here.

The idea is to let go and have fun. Color outside the lines, paint the sky green or add peppers to ice cream (all of these things are things, they really are.)

Here is the breakdown for July’s project. These are just things to get your ideas flowing. Follow them exactly or go completely off grid. Either way I’m good and so are you.

Technique: Collage ~ from the French and it means “to glue.”

Theme: Nature

Subject: Summer

Guidelines: Include at least two media or different types of materials and glue.

My project: I will be using wire screening, tree bark and beer cans along with paper and glue. It will be called Anti-Crypsis.

Other ideas:
    *** mount photographs you’ve taken on a piece of driftwood
    *** produce a video of paper dolls you made performing a skit
    *** cut words and images from magazines and glue them to a cereal box
    *** draw different mini pictures and glue them into bottle caps
    *** make birds and butterflies out of grocery bags to hang on a mobile
    *** make a finger painting highlighted with gemstones
    *** take an old umbrella and decorate it with beach toys
    *** use the matchbooks, brochures and beer bottle labels you’ve collected from trips on an old pair of swim trunks
    *** make a terrarium with things you collected at the beach
    *** take a picture of an action figure with an origami chicken

Got enough ideas?

Ready. Set. Begin.

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  1. I respect people who can create real art. I make my art in photoshop because I suck at everything else.