Wednesday, July 08, 2015

i have a plan to plan a plan

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I don’t wanna. I don’t feel like it. Leave me alone. I want to go back to bed. I hate this. Why have I set this task for myself? I have nothing to say. This is not working. Can I write the same word 500 times? Time is running out. I’ve decided I will walk every morning before work starting today. I’ll walk on the weekends, too. I need to move my ass and if I do it in the morning, I might get it done. I used to walk every morning and I felt better and was a good weight. I’m running out of morning. There’s only a certain amount of time that can be considered first thing in the morning.I hate doing stuff. There’s too much stuff to do.

I have two projects I need to get done very soon. There’s the collage I want to make from tree bark and beer cans. And there’s the olde English tavern sign I want to do for our backyard bar and basement bar. Yes, we have two bars. I am also planning a painting done with my fingers while blindfolded. I’m also painting my desk which I need to continue and the walls and ceilings of my office slash studio. The crab apple wood I’ve been drying for several years are ready for my runes as are the branches I have drying for wands. I’ve been thinking of doing a more traditional landscape painting for my living room of a view of the Delaware River which includes a bench and a Weeping Willow. The view is from down the street from where we live. I’ve got to sew some posable rabbits that I’ll dress in costumes and use for Rabbit, Rabbits each month. I’ve got Purdie Pyrate cartoons planned for each month, too. I’ve got ideas for ornaments, cuffs, dolls and  eggs which will cover the seasons. Oh, and there’s the doodles I want to do.

I am in the process of getting all of these ideas on sticky notes so I can make a planning board. I feel like I got ten years left in which to get all of this shit done. It’s all making my elbows itch. Do your elbows itch when you get agitated? Is that weird?

I feel like I’m leaving some projects out. Well, I have mentioned the novels I’m working on. I’ve got to get them edited for publication and send them out in the world. And there’s essays that I want to write.

The only way to do all these things is to make a physical plan because I can’t keep focused with it all in my brain. Making a planning board is the first step in bringing it all into the real world.

Step One: Individual Idea stickies including initiation dates
Step Two: Setup board in my office
Step Three: Sort projects by types (?) and place on board.
Step Four: Organize by priority
Step Five: Work on one project at a time (ha) until complete which involves breaking them down into small pieces

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