Friday, April 05, 2013

Tough Love

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A slow start yesterday. My mind did not want to write at all. And I was a bit thrown off my game because QV is back at work and it’s the night shift so our schedules are changing again. I decided to clean out and organize all of my current writing materials.

My How To Think Sideways binder is cleared out of unrelated items and streamlined so it’s not so heavy. My notebook is all up-to-date through Lesson 5 with notes, annotations and indexes. The worksheets have all been noted on the lesson contents sheets. I have done every part of the new Ultra lessons and picked out the Quick Fixes I will use more often.

I did two maps which you can find HERE. The Middletown map is for the series and the Hallton map is for TSLBoM. I kept them loose so I can find surprises that my Muse, Fiona, can play with. I have some cool things worked out for my three main characters and worked out a key plot element that I couldn’t seem to solve before.

Today will be a writing day, especially since now I am one day behind when I hoped to be one day ahead. I do have ideas written down to jump start the day’s writing so I should be able to catch up easily.

I have to go grocery shopping for my father’s non-birthday party on Sunday. Other than that, I won’t be going anywhere. In between writing, I’ll take cleaning breaks. I hate housework and I have to trick myself into doing things by breaking all tasks down into fifteen minute jobs. I look at them as ways to get up off my ass so my butt cheeks don’t atrophy. Got to keep the circulation going. Need the oxygen in my brain and it won’t get there if it gets stuck in the bend of my lap.

Last night, I dreamt I hung out with gamers and I kicked their asses which is pretty funny since I don’t generally play any kind of games and I’m really bad at video games. I lived in a dorm with a bunch of guys. We were housed in the backroom of a restaurant. I got stuck in a mini-toilet room sort of like an airplane toilet but smaller. After that I ran around through the restaurant and weird space age hallways with a stick that I used to hit people over the head. I was the best stick hitter in the world and people considered it a good luck thing if I hit them. I always had a bag in my left hand (the stick was in my right hand) but I have no idea what was in the bag. I just knew I had to keep it with me wherever I went. The bag went with me from dream scene to dream scene but the stick did not. I did a lot of running in my dreams last night and woke up exhausted. Does this count as exercise?