Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Optimism R Us

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Yesterday was a good day. Today looks like it will be better.

I had a very pleasant breakfast with a friend Tuesday morning at a diner I had not been to before. I want to go to new places and do new things. It’s good for the soul. We got caught up on our lives. I am so self centered that I was astonished at how much things change for other people. It was quite eye-opening. I really do need to get over myself.

It was so much easier to get my word count for CAMP NaNo. I wrote 1,699 words in under two hours. Monday it took me almost eight hours to get the same amount.

QV was up and about. He’s eating again. This stomach virus going around sure is a mean one. He should be going back to work tonight. Here’s hoping.

I got caught up on all of my reading for Holly Lisle’s How To Think Sideways. It’s a writing course I am doing. It’s also a life course. There are all kinds of techniques that are applicable across the board. It’s helping with my procrastination and all kinds of bad thinking habits. If you decide to check it out and get it, I think there’s a referral program, so please tell them I sent you.

Anyway, I read through to Lesson 4 of the new Ultra. Did all of the new Quick Fixes (which are short, fun and very useful) and got my worksheets ready to work on for today. And I am ready to start Lesson 5 which opens for me today. Quick Fix #3 already gave me 844 words towards today’s goal so I am halfway done there. I might even be able to move ahead since I will be busy this weekend.

The MM will be here Saturday and then on Sunday, I will have my whole family over for my father’s non-birthday. He will be eighty-two and he does not want anymore birthdays. I told everyone to wrap his gifts in Christmas paper and we will sing Jingle Bells instead of Happy Birthday. He has become obsessed with gambling in his old age so we will all give him scratch off lottery tickets and we will do some betting on Sunday’s car race. I’m making pork schnitzel for dinner. Schnitzel is his favorite food. It’s a lot of work but hey I’m not working so I have the time.

Oh, I almost forgot. Fiona, my muse, gave me the “original” name of my demon/god in tSLBoM last night while I was sleeping. I’m not going to tell you what it is but she was quite clever and it feels very right. Fiona is the best. She’s a small garden fairy (small enough to fit in pockets and ride around in my bag.) She has strawberry blonde hair which varies in length depending on her mood. She has green eyes and creamy white skin. She has green gossamer wings that change color as they move in the light. She smells like cinnamon and cloves. I had pushed her away for many years but she has taken pity n me and come back.