Thursday, April 04, 2013

Did You Ever?

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I was reading and commenting on some blogs yesterday and I ran across this one person who has been around for a while and she’s still up to her old tricks. I think she never saw Bambi because she never learned, “If you can't say something nice... don't say nothing at all.” She used to harass me here on my blog and other places we visited in common. She thinks she’s so clever and perfect (you know, above us mere mortals) but she’s just a bitch. It was so hard not to say something when I read her comment about someone else but it wasn’t my blog and I didn’t want to start a war. As you can see, I am still obsessing over it. I have to keep reminding myself not to send evil thoughts her way. The Threefold Law can be a pain in the ass sometimes.

Moving on...

We took a spur-of-the-moment trip to visit our camper. It was such a bright and sunny day. Our campground opened April 1st so we wanted to make sure the trailer survived the winter in tact. It did. I got some great shots. We found out the site was sold on Good Friday. Hopefully the new owners will make some improvements. Dead trees need to be culled. Lots of people left last fall but most of the people we like stayed. We like it there because it’s a relatively small campground so it’s kind of like a summer village. We met the new caretakers, a brother and sister team named John and Jamie.

I am right on target with my writing for Camp NaNo. I’d like to get ahead because I will be busy on the weekends and likely get very little writing done with The MM here. He likes to take over my laptop to watch Angry Birds and Wreck It Ralph YouTube videos. He likes watching the young boys that demonstrate the new toys and build the Lego Star Wars sets. I can’t wait until it gets warmer so we can go outside and play. Our kids are so obsessed with their electronics.

I didn’t do my How To Think Sideways worksheets for TSLBoM. I will do them today. And also Lesson 5 which opened yesterday. I’d like to get at least 4,000 words written today. 6,000 would be better but I might be pushing it since I feel so sluggish today. I picture Jabba the Hutt every time I use the word sluggish.

Somewhere in between all of my writing, I must get the house clean for company. Luckily, I’ve been picking up each day so all I have to do really is dust and vacuum. When you get rid of stuff, cleaning is a whole lot easier. I am definitely going to follow the less is more concept of living. I’m trying to practice the same idea with my mind because I am so easily distracted and thrown of course into tangents that don’t get me anywhere I really want to go.