Friday, April 19, 2013

Flash 55 - Visual Vexations

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Stunning, jolting, shocking -
the balloon’s ascent mirrored my emotions 
as I celebrated my birthday. 
Riding in a wicker basket 
five hundred feet in the sky 
supported by hot air 
wasn’t my idea of a good time. 
Yet the quiet blue of the heavens 
calmed me 
until my path was blocked by 
the high voltage wires.

A couple of weeks ago, I got sick. I had a horrible hiatal hernia attack which lasted about 12 hours. During those hours, I threw up so much (think of The Exorcist demon) and so often that my ribs and stomach muscles ached for a week and a half afterwards. It also messed up my system so that I couldn’t look at any electronic screens (TV, computer, kindle) without getting dizzy and nauseous. I couldn’t bring myself to eat anything (everything except cream of wheat smelled bad.) I think I screwed up my blood sugar levels. I love fried onions but apparently they REALLY hate me. I’m devastated.

Yesterday, I repotted all of my house plants. They are much happier. Three of them were only roots windy round and round in the bottom of the pots they came in. I’m a neglectful plant mommy. I want to set it and forget it. I think plants should be able to water themselves. That’s why I also made two terrariums. Plus, I can make little fantasy lands in my big glass cookie jars. I sort of winged it with these two (one has a cairn and the other has shiny glass stones.) If they survive for a month, I think I will do another with houses for fairies or maybe mini cars and tiny dinosaurs.

QV has gone back to work. It’s all night work, so we are having an interesting time adjusting to our days and nights being upside down. I don’t care as long as he’s working. He was starting to grow roots in the floor of the house. His mental health tweren’t doing so hot. And he was beginning to hate me because I’m a bossy bitch and being home with him all day, he had no place to hide.

I’m very far behind on my NaNoWriMo Summer Camp. I’ve only got 8,431 words of the planned 50,000. I can still make the deadline. One year I wrote more than 30,000 words in the last two days of November for that year. I’ve got ten days to write the balance. That’s 4,156.9 words per day. Easy-peasy puddin’ pie.

This past Sunday, I went to Washington’s Crossing with my parents and The MM. On the ride there, I saw a farm that has given me another idea for a painting. It had three buildings set at radically differing angles, each plane a different pastel color, placed in the middle of waving golden grasses. I worked out how to construct my niece’s painting so it wouldn’t be too heavy and still look modern. Plus, I got two more “sun” ideas, one which will be made from toilet tissue rolls and the other made from bamboo skewers. The paper spider mum will just require that I begin and see where it takes me. I can see the final version but not how I got there. It will be a free floating wall piece all made out of paper.


  1. Those high voltage wires are just about everywhere. Makes it hard to get much altitude. :)

    1. They are in almost every shot I take pointed at the sky. Makes me crazy.

  2. Phew- between the hot air ride( -great 55) & the upset stomach it was quite the week sounds like! thanks for visiting : )

    1. The balloon ride wasn't real but the upset tummy sure was.

  3. Vanessa...
    And you still took the time to crank out a 55?
    You are a Rose among the Thorns!
    Loved your pics, sorry about the puking
    I haven't barfed since I was 12.
    Words can't tell you how much I appreciate your always classy works of art...Thank You.
    Please have a Kick Ass Week-End

  4. I've always wanted to ride in a hot air balloon. Sorry you've been sick. Replanting plants is one of my favorite things to do and probably made you feel better. I had cream of wheat for breakfast!

  5. That is why I keep my feet firmly on the ground :)

    I'm glad things are settling in your topsy-turvy world, Vanessa!

  6. I am impressed! The fact that you can write, let alone speak .. pretty awesome.

  7. I've done two wonderful balloon rides over the Napa Valley - loved it all but the blast of the burner - once I was finally able to pry my elbows loose from my sides to take pictures!

    My 55 is at:

  8. I'm glad you're feeling better. That sounds like an awful experience!
    As to the writing, I'm sure you can do it. You're a beast! I mean that in a positive way, truly!
    I am also afraid of heights. As well as enclosed spaces, darkness, insects, and my own shadow! Well, okay, not the shadow.

  9. That's quite a week you've had. Glad you're feeling better.

  10. I don't like heights and your 55 confirmed my fear! LOL

    Sorry about the barfing,hope you're all well now. :)

  11. All of the wires are underground where we live. Much better! Yuck on the barfing etc. hope you're feeling heaps better! I'm always happy to send my hubby off to work. It's much more peaceful and easier to write.

  12. I hope you're feeling well now! I enjoyed your poem!

  13. Yikes~ That would be quite a ride. Happy Belated Birthday? And get well! Oh, and thank you for the inspiration to work on house plants. I have been remiss, and it reallyreally shows. They deserve better from me than I've given the last months (an elephant-ear philodendron I've had since the 1970s is now gone, in spite of my attempts to save it....I guess even houseplants have a lifespan. His name was Dumbo, and luckily I took cuttings that have rooted, so Dumbo lives on!)

  14. Wires all over the place here, and I hate it! Much nicer to have them underground and not mess with one's photos...
    Hope you're feeling much better by now!

  15. I come in and out of wanting to fly in a hit air balloon :) xx