Friday, April 26, 2013

Flash 55 - Wine, Women and ...

Wine, women and ... a sentiment first written of in fourteenth century Persia advocates Hedonism. Who can argue with the idea that an individual’s ultimate pleasure is the highest good that can be achieved? Certainly not I, bubala. In fact, I suggest you spend this weekend pleasuring yourself. How are you going to finish the phrase?

I had a great time with friends last night. We sat on my front porch, drank some wine and chatted for a couple of hours. Definitely a pleasure that must be repeated soon.

Did you see the beautiful full pink full moon last night? It wasn’t pink but orange when I looked at it. It’s called pink (in North America) because of a flower that blooms this time of year signalling the start of Spring. This was the first lunar eclipse (partial) this year but we couldn’t see it in the Americas. I hope you made your offerings to the Goddess. Pink is her favorite color. The next lunar eclipse will be May 25th and we should be able to see that one.

My new couch did not come yesterday. You know, you just can’t trust anyone. The salesmen made this big deal about the delivery date being yesterday and when I called customer service to say we didn’t get our call, what time are they coming, I was informed it was back ordered and not due until the 30th. Then, I looked at my sales slip and lo and behold, the delivery guarantee was for sometime before May 28th. My bad for not reading carefully enough but I’m still going to complain. Their verbal shenanigans still constitute a contract. Good thing we didn’t throw out the old one in this week’s trash.I want my damn couch.

I’m writing like a maniac to get to my 50,000 before the end of this month and have the first draft of The Salt Lover’s Book of Magic done. I’m getting close. It’s times like these that having a semi plan beforehand really helps. I’d be in trouble without it.

My husband, QV, thinks I’m nuts. I just told him he has to drive me on 295 to get photos of a farm I saw in passing a couple of weeks ago. I want to do a painting of it. I figure it’s safer if he takes me rather than my trying to take pictures while I’m driving 65 miles an hour. I’m such a responsible adult, aren’t I? Children don’t do this at home.

Another bright sunny day here in the ‘hood. These little birds keep attacking the screens on my front porch and living room windows. They hook their little feetsies in the mesh and peck at something, maybe bugs. They sure are having a good time, whatever it is they are after.

Oh, oh. We have a boat. QV had bought this nice little motor with his father years ago. They had it in the garage of one of his father’s “girlfriends” for years, even after QV’s father died. She tried to get QV to do some”work” on her house because this motor was stored there. I encouraged him to remove his engine from her garage (*giggles* intentional because I’m twelve.) So he sold it to this guy for $800. Well, now the motor is attached to this cute little boat and we are buying motor, boat and trailer for $1,000 bucks - really just $200. Can’t beat those numbers. I’ll be floating on the Delaware soon, so beware.


  1. How about ... and a good rest afterwards ;-)
    I guess age is catching up.

  2. Dang. I can't see the words for the hovering share button.

  3. pleasuring myself...ha....and have fun a floating...that is very cool....

  4. At least you have your cute little boat to sit in if your couch persists in not showing up.

  5. I haven't had a night like you describe in literally years. The only friends I have at this point are all online. I do feel that my son is my friend, but it is a mother-son relationship. Some things one does not wish to burden one's son with.

  6. Jeanie mentioned your little boat Vanessa
    Maybe .....
    I'll shut up right now!
    I'm all for Hedonism and self indulgent
    Thanks for prodding me along.... Hehehe
    Loved your drunkfest 55
    ( at least it was t Southern Comfort)
    Yeah, I remember everything
    Have a Kick Ass Week End

  7. You suggest we spend the weekend pleasuring ourselves? I nearly snorted coffee through my nose when I read that.

    I have dianthus (pinks) just starting to blom. I didn't know there was a full moon named for them.

  8. How nice about the boat! Hope there will be pics :)
    And did QV accept to drive you to that place so you can take a picture of the farm?

    A couple of blog awards floated my way, and I'm passing them along to You, too.
    Hope you have fun with them :)