Sunday, February 07, 2010

The Simple Things Challenge

Chris from Enchanted Oak is doing The Simple Things Challenge, an easy way to keep your blessings flowing to Haiti.

From her blog: “Today and Sunday, I’d like to celebrate the simple pleasures of life with you. For each person who participates with a list, a poem, or a prose piece about the joy of simple things, my family will donate $2.00 to Heartline Ministries for their medical clinic and other programs in Haiti. The Heartline Ministries blog by John McHoul will tell you more about what they are doing.
Post your piece this weekend and include a link to my blog. Then pop in here to say you’ve posted your “Simple Things.” Post by midnight, Pacific time, Sunday, and don’t forget to link with me and notify me that you’ve posted. You can borrow the “Simple Things” photo. If you don’t have a blog, a comment on my blog will count too if you tell me so.
Let’s keep those blessings flowing.”

The simple things I love:
  1. a day spent reading
  2. fresh local produce: Jersey tomatoes, blue berries, strawberries
  3. walking on the beach
  4. snow
  5. bright sunshine and crystal blue skies
  6. thunderstorms
  7. daydreaming / dreaming
  8. afternoon naps
  9. a cold glass of water
  10. a very cold glass of milk
  11. gel pens
  12. my paper journal
  13. meditating
Cold, Cold Birdies at The “other” Chrysalis Stage
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  1. Great idea.

    And I love a thunderstorm. And daydreaming or reading during a thunderstorm is even better.

  2. What a great idea, thanks for sharing! I'm going to go make my list now!

  3. Thanks for sharing this my friend. I got mine posted HERE. You da best :)

  4. I went out with a shovel to remove the snow from the little bit of sidewalk in front of our house, a simple thing, and I enjoyed the exercise and felt good right afterwards--until later when I went to bed. Oh, how sore my shoulders ache. Little things in live can be bittersweet.

  5. A lot of people are scared of thunderstorms, but I like them too. And a day spent reading, awesome! Maybe one day my kids will let me do that again...

  6. Oh this is so great....I'll set up my simple things post and then...after I'm done...will let Enchanted Oak know.

    Thanks for passing this info along. AND thanks for stopping by today with such a sweet, sweet comment.

    PS...the snow on that mail box....boy howdy am I grateful for just rain!

  7. What an awesome idea. I've been all about simple things of late.

  8. This is such a beautiful list of simple things. It made me thankful today. Very lovely! Thank you for posting this Nessa.

  9. Indeed a lovely list.
    I do not like thunderstorms but awesome simple things!

  10. Nessa, my golden nib girl, you have a sweet serenity about you that makes me smile. I loved reading about the things that bless you. The gel pens cracked me up. I have a bunch of them here left over when my daughter moved out. They are too pretty to throw away. Shall I send them to you? Two bucks for Haiti goes into the hat on your behalf!
    Fondly, Chris

  11. I love to see generosity and I love creativity as well. How wonderful that she incorporated both with this blog-along.

    Your simple things list gave me a peaceful feeling.

  12. milk is cow pee. I reject animal product beverages.

  13. I found my way here through Thom's blog and what a wonderful opportunity to help. I have posted my "simple things" on my blog with a link to your blog. Thank you for the opportunity!


  14. I love a day spent reading! And I'll take a walk anywhere, except around the trailer park. Too many nosy neighbors in the trailer park.

  15. Great list. I'd add a beautiful sunset and my husband's laugh and smile. :)

  16. Sometimes a big cold glass of milk is a taste of heaven. Great list!

    I'm up right HERE

  17. I do not remember HOW long it has been since I spent a whole day reading. I BET it's been about 10 years... that's just sad! Maybe I'll do that tomorrow!

    And I think the entire world probably knows by now how much I love thunderstorms! LOL!

    You are right! I am VERY grateful for having never lost power in this storm! I'm pretty sure that is a first. The biggest snow of the century ... and we don't lose power? Yes! GOD LOVES ME!!! And my neighbors! It could have been sO much worse.

  18. I was wondering if you had a priority on these? # 3 would be my favorite. I wouldn't have time for the rest, not even a thunderstorm.

  19. I love your simple loves! Peaceful list. And I get the 'very cold glass of milk' -- I have to have it very cold, too! ♥

  20. Beautiful and so worth the effort. Thanks for your list!

  21. Awesome to see the ongoing creativity devoted to helping the people of Haiti in the blogging community.

  22. I'm so glad you're doing this. I also saw LadyFi writing about the Simple Things.

  23. That was a good idea - but it assumes that people stay o=constantly caught up on blog-reading, which I rarely am!

  24. Thunderstorms are wonderful!! I love them, but I hate cleaning the aftermath from the trees around my house.

    Milk?? really??? I can't even remember the last time I drank a glass of milk. I just do not like it.

    Gel pens!!! LOVE them.

  25. oh my...i could just copy and paste your sounds just perfect to me!